Crossing Enemy Lines One Nation Under God

AuthorHouse, 16/05/2007
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This book entitled Crossing Enemy Lines One Nation under God is a representation of how America was founded on biblical principles, her roots, her origin etc. Our fore fathers brought laws to our land through the power of united prayer. Our currency has In God We Trust to signify that we do trust God with our currency. America was built on unity through prayer for the great nation it has become The United States of America.
What has happened since prayer has been taken out of the school systems? The product of a rebellious nation of unruly children who will commit hideous crimes, juveniles, murders. Several people took prayer out of schools and we let it happen. Our children are our future. We need to train them up in the way they should go. We need to install biblical truths in them, help them to a brighter tomorrow. This is our duties to our children. The second part of this book represents the duties of our service men and women and their fight for freedom, their lives touched by the every day events that has sent them on their tour of duty, away from their families, friends, and significant others (co-workers, neighbors, communities) etc. They are trained and placed in the battlefield to defend our nation. They are warriors in the quest for freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Marching for freedom in the land of the free and home of the brave. So that we continue to be a free nation. When a soldier is called into battle, I wanted to let people know what happens when our president declares war. Prepare to understand how valuable our serviceman and women are. The sacrifices made to keep peace, prosperity, and freedom of liberty flowing in our land. The last chapter of this book is Homecoming Day, it is the saga of the stories that strengthen our nation, bring tears to our eyes, and help us to stay One Nation under God.
Psalm 145:3 Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.

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