Gospel of James

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This book contains the message that God has asked me to give to you His Children. Some will agree and some will disagree of what is written, but it is only for the purpose of your own salvation. This will be the last warning for many of you, for the end time quickens, and you will not have time to ask for forgiveness.

Mankind has lost its way and 80 percent of you are on the path to damnation in your present state. You have taken God's place in your life today, in your understanding of no matter what you do, that Jesus Christ will not hold it against you and grant you entrance into the kingdom. You do not fear God. But this is Satan's way of inducing you to live his lifestyle.

This book contains the acts of evil that you do against God, of Abortion, fornication, using His Name in vain, that will send you to hell in a heartbeat yet you refuse to change your peccant lifestyles. How in the world can any of you justify that murdering the Father's creation in abortion, that Jesus will save you?

I have talked with the Father, Son, and talk to the Holy Spirit everyday, vocally and personally where you have not. I can see your heart's in looking in your eyes through the grace of Jesus, of your evilness and holiness. Jesus also looks at you through my eyes.

In the words of mankind soon will come" the time to pay the fiddler" are you ready?

This book is mainly written for the poor and the simply, not for the rich and the learner, for 90 percent of the rich and learner will not enter the kingdom of heaven because of their dependence on wealth and knowledge in their lack of God's Grace.


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