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Página 113 - The Law is what it is — a majestic edifice, sheltering all of us, each stone of which rests on another. I am concerned only with its administration. The crime you have committed is a very serious one. I cannot feel it in accordance with my duty to Society to exercise the powers I have in your favour.
Página 19 - So dreadful a list, instead of diminishing, increases the number of offenders. The injured, through compassion, will often forbear to prosecute: juries, through compassion, will sometimes forget their oaths, and either acquit the guilty or mitigate the nature of the offence : and judges, through compassion, will respite one half of the convicts, and recommend them to the royal mercy.
Página 392 - One of the foremost philosophers of recreation has said that " the boy without a playground is father to the man without a job; and the boy with a bad playground is apt to be father to the man with a job that would better be left undone.
Página 19 - Among so many chances of escaping, the needy and hardened offender overlooks the multitude that suffer ; he boldly engages in some desperate attempt, to relieve his wants or supply his vices : and, if unexpectedly the hand of justice overtakes him, he deems himself peculiarly unfortunate, in falling at last a sacrifice to those laws, which long impunity has taught him to contemn.
Página 203 - ... unless the jury finds on evidence — (a) that since attaining the age of sixteen years he has at least three times previously to the conviction of the crime charged in the said indictment been convicted of a crime...
Página 53 - Whenever a person is indicted by a grand jury for a capital offense, or whenever a person, who is known to have been indicted for any other offense more than once, or to have been previously convicted of a felony...
Página 117 - The judicial power of the State is vested in a Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, Courts of Common Pleas, Courts of Probate, justices of the peace, and such other courts inferior to the Supreme Court, as the General Assembly may, from time to time, establish.
Página 114 - He had his own by him, but I handed him mine. He flung it down, and says: "Gimme a case-knife." I didn't know just what to do— but then I thought. I scratched around amongst the old tools, and got a pick-ax and give it to him, and he took it and went to work, and never said a word.
Página 112 - Justice is a machine that, when someone has once given it the starting push, rolls on of itself. Is this young man to be ground to pieces under this machine for an act which at the worst was one of weakness? Is he to become a member of the luckless crews that man those dark, ill-starred ships called prisons? Is that to be his voyage — from which so few return?
Página 166 - In a socialized procedure no useful evidence should be excluded from the court. Each relevant fact should be admissible, but we should adhere closely to that body of the rules of evidence that applies a test to truth. Hearsay, incompetent evidence, opinion, gossip, bias, prejudice, trends of hostile neighborhood feeling— all these sources of error should be ruled out of the juvenile court as rigidly as from any other court.

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