History of Poor Relief Legislation in Pennsylvania, 1682-1913

Holzapfel Publishing Company, 1913 - 302 páginas
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Página 226 - No local or special law shall be passed unless notice of the intention to apply therefor shall have been published in the locality where the matter or thing to be affected may be situated, which notice shall state the...
Página 30 - That all children within this province, of the age of twelve years, shall be taught some useful trade or skill, to the end none may be idle; but the poor may work to live and the rich, if they become poor, may not want.
Página 173 - WITNESSETH, that the Guardians for the Relief and Employment of the Poor of the City of Philadelphia, the District of Southwark, and the Townships of the Northern Liberties and Penn...
Página 219 - County officers shall be elected at the general elections and shall hold their offices for the term of three years, beginning on the first Monday of January next after their election, and until their successors shall be duly qualified; all vacancies not otherwise provided for shall be filled in such manner as may be provided by law.
Página 226 - ... at least thirty days prior to the introduction into the General Assembly of such bill and in the manner to be provided by law; the evidence of such notice having been published, shall be exhibited in the General Assembly before such act shall be passed.
Página 31 - That upon complaint to the next Justices of the peace of the same County, The said Justices, finding the complaint to be true, shall make provision for them, in such way as they shall see convenient, till the next County Court, and that then Care be taken for their future comfortable subsistence.
Página 141 - Fellows for the time being shall forever hereafter, in name and fact, be one body politic and corporate in law, to all intents and purposes, and shall have perpetual succession, and shall be called by the name of President and Fellows of Harvard College, and shall from time to time be eligible as aforesaid...
Página 19 - Where in all places throughout this realm of England vagabonds and beggars have of long time increased and daily do increase in great and excessive numbers, by the occasion of idleness, mother and root of all vices, whereby hath insurged and sprung and daily insurgeth and springeth continual thefts, murders, and other heinous offences and great enormities, to the high displeasure of God, the inquietation and damage of the King's people, and to the marvellous disturbance of the common weal of this...
Página 164 - A supplement to the act, entitled an act for the relief and employment of the poor of the city of Philadelphia, the district of Southwark, and the townships, of the Northern Liberties, and Penn.
Página 281 - ... afford such facilities for inspection as the said Commissioners may require; and any neglect or refusal on the part of any officer or person connected with such institution to comply with any of the requirements of this Act shall subject the offender to a penalty of one hundred dollars, to be sued for and collected by the General Agent in the name of the Board.

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