History of the Precedence System

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Página 94 - ... shall include any individual, partnership, association, business trust, corporation, or any organized group of persons, whether incorporated or not...
Página 140 - Administration, the Chairman of the Board of Economic Warfare, and the Special Assistant to the President supervising the defense aid program. 2. The Chairman of the War Production Board, with the advice and assistance of the members of the Board, shall: a. Exercise general direction over the war procurement and production program. b. Determine the policies, plans, procedures, and methods of the several Federal departments, establishments, and agencies in respect to war procurement and production,...
Página 138 - One such obstacle is an organizational practice known as "layering." This means that a subordinate charged with a task in one organization or subdivision thereof must go up through the layers of his superiors, across from the top of his agency to the top of the other agency, and then down through the layers of the other organization to the subordinate responsible for decision or other action. Such action may then have to go back through the layers again. 9.
Página 94 - The fulfillment of requirements for the defense of the United States has created a shortage in the supply of ammunition for defense, for private account, and for export ; and the following order is deemed necessary and appropriate in the public interest and to promote the national defense: § 3287.21 ' Limitation Order L-286 — (a) Definitions.
Página 97 - Applicability of regulations. This order and all transactions affected thereby are subject to all applicable provisions of the regulations of the War Production Board, as amended from time to time.
Página 134 - Determine the policies, plans, procedures, and methods of the several Federal departments, establishments, and agencies in respect to war procurement and production, including purchasing, contracting, specifications, and construction; and including conversion, requisitioning, plant expansion, and the financing thereof; and issue such directives in respect thereto as he may deem necessary or appropriate.
Página 137 - AND THE WAR DEPARTMENT 7. Relationships will include frequent contacts by the Chairman of the War Production Board, the Under Secretary of War, the Director of Production of the War Department, the Commanding General of the Services of Supply, the general in charge of the Material Command of the Army Air Forces, and their key subordinates; directives issued by the War Production Board; membership on the War Production Board; the Army and Navy Munitions Board; representatives on committees and units;...
Página 137 - Purchase, including the negotiation, placement, and administration of contracts. \d) Produce, including preparation of schedules, inspection and acceptance of product, issuance of shipping instructions, and distribution (including arrangements for storage, receipt, issue, inspection of use, transportation, and maintenance). \e) Expedite production in facilities producing finished items, parts, components, and subassemblies where there is no conflict with other agencies.
Página 140 - Director may perform the functions and duties, and exercise the powers, authority, and discretion conferred upon him by this Order through such officials or agencies, and in such manner, as he may determine.
Página 3 - Any contract or purchase order for material or equipment to be delivered to, or for the account of, the Army or Navy of the United States, the United States Maritime Commission, the Panama Canal, the Coast...

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