The Scheme of Separation Between St. Louis City and County and the Charter of the City of St. Louis, with All Amendments and Modifications to Aug. 1, 1888

Daly print. Company, 1888 - 217 páginas

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Página 59 - House shall be the judge of the election, returns, and qualifications of its own members, and a majority of each House shall constitute a quorum to do business, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each House may provide.
Página 59 - They shall have authority to punish by imprisonment every person, not a member, who shall be guilty of disrespect to the house, by any disorderly or contemptuous behavior in its presence...
Página 143 - State, or any subdivision or municipality thereof, and all writs, prosecutions, actions, and causes of action, except as herein otherwise provided, shall continue and remain unaffected by the adoption of this Constitution.
Página 24 - All the powers relating to the management of the schools are vested in a corporate body called " the Board of President and Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools," the members of the board to be elected for terms of three years.
Página 83 - Board, and shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duties in such sum and with such sureties as may be required by the Board of Directors.
Página 62 - ... the journal, and the bill immediately sent to the other house. When it reaches the other house the presiding officer thereof shall immediately suspend all other business, announce the reception of the bill, and the same proceedings shall thereupon be observed, in every respect, as in the house in which it •was first signed.
Página 78 - Duties of mayor — to be the chief executive officer and head of the police. The mayor shall take care that the laws of the state and the ordinances of the city are duly observed and enforced, and that all other executive officers of the city discharge their respective duties.
Página 60 - No law shall be passed except by bill, and no bill shall be so amended in its passage through either house as to change its original purpose.
Página 6 - Beginning at a point in the middle of the main channel of Milk river...
Página 114 - Provided, That nothing in this section shall be so construed as to prevent the employment of a seamstress by any family for manufacturing articles for such family use. None of...

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