General Housing Legislation: Hearings Before the Subcommitte on Housing of the Committee on Banking and Currency, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, Second Session

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960 - 557 páginas
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Página 509 - Our primary interest, and the reason for the organization of this association, is to promote the public welfare through the development of better hospital care for all the people.
Página 251 - The percentage of the undivided interest of each apartment owner in the common areas and facilities as expressed in the Declaration shall have a permanent character and shall not be altered without the consent of all of the apartment owners expressed in an amended Declaration duly recorded.
Página 189 - To quote from onr constitution, we are working toward this objective by seeking "to improve the standards and practices of all phases of public administration which are related directly to housing, and other community development programs in the urban renewal process, and to develop and improve the professional standards involved in the administration of such a program * * *.
Página 306 - ... and blight The need for such information is particularly acute at the national level. We recommend an immediate appropriation of $200,000 by the Congress to provide funds for the administration of the $5 million research program which has already been approved by the Congress. We recommend a continuing program of federally financed urban research on a scale commensurate with the fine research programs undertaken by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Research should be undertaken on the national...
Página 435 - This statement is submitted on behalf of the American Life Convention and the Life Insurance Association of America.
Página 306 - The Congress and the administration are both urged to take all possible steps to effectuate more expeditious and efficient processing on the part of the Federal Housing Administration of applications under section 220 for mortgage Insurance on new residential construction and rehabilitation housing in urban renewal project areas.
Página 304 - America relying increasingly on various forms of transportation in, through, and around our cities in order to work, to shop, to go to school, and for cultural and recreational purposes, the growing plight of public transportation facilities can no longer be ignored. Transit companies and commuter railroads, whether privately or publicly operated, are carrying fewer people paying more for a slower ride for the most part.
Página 305 - The provision of parking places off the street, in the motor age, has come to be regarded as a legitimate, expected and necessary public municipal service. For the welfare, safety and convenience of its citizens, and to insure its own future existence, each municipality must accept the responsibility for definite action which will result in the furnishing of adequate, permanent parking facilities at reasonable rates.
Página 251 - ... for residence, for office, for the operation of any industry or business, or for any other type of independent use, provided it has a direct exit to a thoroughfare or to a given common space leading to a thoroughfare ; (b) "Co-owner...
Página 306 - The American Municipal Association urges the Housing and Home Finance Agency to investigate the possibility of greater delegations to the field offices by the various agencies of the Housing and Home Finance Agency to the end that the work of these agencies and municipalities can be accomplished more expeditiously and economically.

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