Safety Regulation by ICC of Interstate Pipelines, Hearing, 89-1, June 3, 1965

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Página 18 - Said commission, of its own motion, or upon application made by any interested party, may make changes or modifications in such regulations, made desirable by new information or altered conditions.
Página 16 - person" means any individual, firm, co-partnership, corporation, company, association, or joint-stock association ; and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or personal representative thereof.
Página 18 - Commission and shall be in effect until reversed, set aside, or modified. (e) In the execution of sections 831—835, inclusive, cf this chapter the Commission may utilize the services of carrier and shipper associations, including the Bureau for the Safe Transportation of Explosives and other Dangerous Articles, and may avail itself of the advice and assistance of any department, commission, or board of the...
Página 18 - Such regulations shall be in accord with the best-known practicable means for securing safety in transit, covering the packing, marking, loading, handling while in transit, and the precautions necessary to determine whether the material when offered is in proper condition to transport.
Página 17 - Any person who knowingly delivers to any carrier engaged in interstate or foreign commerce by land or water, and any person who knowingly carries on or in any car or vehicle of any description operated in the transportation of passengers or property by any carrier engaged in interstate or foreign commerce by land...
Página 18 - When the death or bodily injury of any person results from the violation of this section...
Página 16 - Carrier" means any person engaged in the transportation of passengers or property, as common, contract, or private carrier, or freight forwarder, as those terms are used In the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended, or the US Post Office; (b) "Close reflection by water...
Página 14 - ... shall be binding upon all common carriers engaged in interstate or foreign commerce which transport explosives or other dangerous articles by land, and upon all shippers making shipments of explosives or other dangerous articles via any common carrier engaged in interstate or foreign commerce by land or water.
Página 18 - State governments, but no official or employee of the United States shall receive any additional compensation for such service except as now permitted by law.
Página 3 - Mo., which was incorporated in Delaware in 1930, and owns and operates a common carrier petroleum products pipeline system in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota. Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, which transports various grades of gasoline and distillates.

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