Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Louisiana, Volume 41

state, 1890
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Página 466 - To avoid improper influences which may result from intermixing in one and the same act such things as have no proper relation to each other, every law shall embrace but one object, and that shall be expressed in the title.
Página 933 - The General Assembly shall not remit the forfeiture of the charter of any corporation now existing, or alter or amend the same, or pass any other general or special law for the benefit of such corporation, except upon the condition that such corporation shall thereafter hold its charter subject to the provisions of this Constitution.
Página 263 - Special assessments, on the other hand, are made upon the assumption that a portion of the community is to be specially and peculiarly benefited, in the enhancement of the value of property peculiarly situated as regards a contemplated expenditure of public funds; and in addition to the general levy, they demand that special contributions, in consideration of the special benefit, shall be made by the persons receiving it.
Página 469 - For the foregoing reasons, it is ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the judgment appealed from be annulled, avoided, and reversed, and it is now ordered and decreed that the...
Página 642 - After the filing of the settled statement herein respondent filed her notice of motion to dismiss the appeal on the ground that this court is without jurisdiction...
Página 436 - ... the property on which the taxes are due in the manner provided for judicial sales, and on the day of sale he shall sell such portion of the property as the debtor shall point...
Página 9 - The dissolving condition is that which, when accomplished, operates the revocation of the obligation, placing matters in the same state as though the obligation had not existed. It does not suspend the execution of the obligation. It only obliges the creditor to restore what he has received, in case the event provided for in the condition takes place.
Página 790 - ... that entire want of care which would raise the presumption of a conscious indifference to consequences, or which shows wantonness or recklessness, or a grossly careless disregard of the safety and welfare of the public, or that reckless indifference to the rights of others which is equivalent to an intentional violation of...
Página 171 - ... dangerous assemblages, and assemblages which obstruct the free passage of public streets, sidewalks, parks and places ; protect the rights of persons and property...
Página 820 - No law shall be revised or amended by reference to its title, but in such case the Act revised or section amended shall be reenacted and published at length as revised or amended...

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