The Life of Thomas Paine: Mover of the "Declaration of Independence;" Secretary of Foreign Affairs Under the First American Congress; Member of the National Convention of France; Author of "Common Sense," "The Crisis," "Rights of Man," "Age of Reason," &c., &c.: the Man, Whose Motto Was, "The World is My Country; to Do Good, My Religion." Embracing Practical Considerations on Human Rights; Demonstrating that Man Tends Irrepressibly to Actual Freedom; and Showing a Liberty-aim Connection in the Action of the World's Three Great Author-heroes,--Rousseau, Paine, and Comte

D.M. Bennett, 1877 - 110 páginas
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Página 15 - These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
Página 80 - The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God. Free and Independent...
Página 43 - Robespierre, he was seized and imprisoned in his turn and sentenced to transportation. He has since apologized to me for having signed the warrant, by saying, he felt himself in danger and was obliged to do it.
Página 105 - CITIZEN PRESIDENT, MY hatred and abhorrence of monarchy are sufficiently known : they originate in principles of reason and conviction, nor, except with life, can they ever be extirpated ; but my compassion for the unfortunate, whether friend or enemy, is equally lively and sincere.
Página 51 - It will not then be said, here stood a temple of vast antiquity, here rose a Babel of invisible height, or there a palace of sumptuous extravagance; but here, ah painful thought! the noblest work of human wisdom, the grandest scene of human glory, the fair cause of freedom rose and fell! 'Read this and then ask if I forget America...
Página 54 - Do we want to contemplate his power? We see it in the immensity of the Creation. Do we want to contemplate his wisdom? We see it in the unchangeable order by which the incomprehensible Whole is governed. Do we want to contemplate his munificence? We see it in the abundance with which he fills the earth. Do we want to contemplate his mercy? We see it in his not withholding that abundance even from the unthankful.
Página 91 - ... thinkers. * * * A sociological system widely removed from the vague .and conjectural character of all former attempts, and worthy to take its place, at last, among established sciences. * * * A work which I hold to be far the greatest yet produced in the Philosophy of the Sciences. * * * He may truly be said to have created the philosophy of the higher mathematics.
Página 43 - Jefferson, and a good patriot, was my suppliant as member of the committee of constitution ; that is, he was to supply my place, if I had not accepted or had resigned, being next in number of votes to me. He was imprisoned in the Luxembourg with me, was taken to the tribunal and the guillotine, and I, his principal, was left. There were but two foreigners in the convention, Anacharsis Cloots and myself.
Página 71 - Examination of the Passages in the New Testament, Quoted from the Old, and called Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ...
Página 107 - Louis Capet, it is so much the more confirmed, as France will not stoop to degrade herself by a spirit of revenge against a wretch, who has dishonored himself. In defending a just and glorious cause, it is not possible to degrade it, and the universal tranquillity which prevails, is an undeniable proof, that a free people know how to respect themselves.

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