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For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

Absolution, an Inquiry into the Doctrine of
the Church of England. By the
Rev. W. Maskell, M.A., 196.
Additional Curates' Aid Society, Manches-
ter. Tracts and Thoughts for, 474.
Alford-The Greek Testament, with a
critically-revised Text: and a Critical
and Exegetical Commentary. By Henry
Alford, M.A., Vicar of Wymeswold,

Altar, a Companion to the. By Bishop
Hobart. Edited by the Rev. J. Col-
lingwood, M.A., 222.

on Miscellaneous Subjects. By the Rev. J. S. M. Anderson, M.A., 222.

Antichrist: a Poem, with Notes and Sketches of Oriental Scenes. By the Rev. H. Newton, A.B., 468.

Architecture, the History of. By Edward Freeman, M.A., 214.

Atkinson-Twelve Short Sermons for Family Reading. By the Rev. J. Atkinson, 474.

Auricular Confession, a Letter from Kappa to Delta, 474.

Babington-Mr. Macaulay's Character of
the Clergy. By C. Babington, M.A.,
Baptism Accompanied by Conditional and
Unconditional Grace. By the Rev.
C. R. Cameron, 474.
Barter-A Solemn Warning against the
Doctrine of Special Grace; which causes
Divisions in the Church, and prepares
the way for Infidelity. By the Rev.
W. B. Barter, 220.
Baxter-The Church History of England:

from the Introduction of Christianity into England to the Present Time. By John A. Baxter, M.A., 212. Bernays-The Life of Christians during the First Three Centuries of the Church. A Series of Sermons on Church History. By Dr. Chr. Ludw. Conrad. Translated from the German by the Rev. Leopold Bernays, 465.

Berry-A Review of the Mexican War, VOL. XII.

on Christian Principles. By the Rev. Philip Berry, A.B., 473.

Best-On Catechizing. By the Hon. and Rev. Samuel Best, 455. Bible in every Land, the, 474. Boutell-Christian Monuments of England and Wales. By the Rev. C. Boutell, 472. Bowdler-A few Words of Family Instruction, introductory to Prayers for a Christian Household. By the Rev. T. Bowdler, M.A., 465. Brandenburg, Memoirs of the House of, and History of Prussia during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. By Leopold Ranke. Translated from the German by Sir Alexander and Lady Duff Gordon, 395.

Browell, Rev. Mr.-Edition of Carwithen's

History of the Church of England, 418. Bulwer Lytton-The Caxtons, a Family Picture. By Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, Bart., 303.

"California," Stanzas. By M. H. P. Hall, 473.

Calvinism, an Examination of, by the Text of Holy Scripture and the Unanimous Teaching of the Church. By the Rev. W. Houghton, 451. Cameron-Baptism Accompanied by Conditional and Unconditional Grace. By Rev. C. R. Cameron, 474. Canada, the Conquest of. By the Author of" Hochelaga," 153. Carwithen-History of the Church of Eng

land. By J. B. S. Carwithen, B.D., late of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, 418.

Catechizing. By the Hon. and Rev. Samuel Best, 455.

Cathedral Music and the Musical System of the Church, a Few Words on, with a Plan of Reform. By Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Mus. Doc., 88. Cathedral Trusts and their Fulfilment. By the Rev. Robert Whiston, M.A., Head Master of the Cathedral Grammar School, Rochester, 88.


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