Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1937: Hearings Before ..., 75-1 ..., May 18 ... June 11, 1937, Volumes 9-10

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Página 3 - If the court determines that such ruling is not in accordance with law, it shall remand such proceedings to the Secretary with directions either (1) to make such ruling as the court shall determine to be in accordance with law, or (2) to take such further proceedings as, in its opinion, the law requires.
Página 3 - No objection to the order of the Commission shall be considered by the court unless such objection shall have been urged before the Commission or unless; there were reasonable grounds for failure so to do.
Página 2 - Secretary shall prescribe. For the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any report made' or record kept, or of obtaining information required to be furnished in any report, but not so furnished, the Secretary is hereby authorized to examine such books, papers, records, accounts, correspondence, contracts, documents, and memoranda as he has reason to believe are relevant and are within the control of such person.
Página 3 - Board, and only such information so furnished or acquired as the Secretary deems relevant shall be disclosed by them, and then only in a suit or administrative hearing brought at the direction, or upon the request, of the Secretary of Agriculture...
Página 3 - If application is made to the court for leave to adduce additional evidence, and it is shown to the satisfaction of the court that such additional evidence...
Página 33 - Although activities may be intrastate in character when separately considered, if they have such a close and substantial relation to interstate commerce that their control is essential or appropriate to protect that commerce from burdens and obstructions, Congress cannot be denied the power to exercise that control.
Página 2 - ... to stay or supersede the order of the Court or the execution of any writ or process thereon; and such Court may, in every such matter, order the payment of such costs and counsel fees as shall be deemed reasonable. Whenever any such petition shall be filed or presented by the Commission it shall be the duty of the District Attorney, under the direction of the...
Página 3 - At the earliest convenient time the court shall hear and determine the appeal upon the record before it, and shall have power, upon such record, to enter a judgment affirming or reversing the decision of the...
Página 28 - ... pm; the committee went into executive session, at the conclusion of which the committee adjourned.) INQUIRY INTO ARMY AND NAVY EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1943 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON MILITARY AFFAIRS, Washington, D. 6'.

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