American Society Today

Manchester University Press, 2002 - 160 páginas
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American society today provides a balanced introduction to the defining features of contemporary American society. Includes the ways in which the US can be considered 'exceptional' - the character of the 'American dream', the role of ethnicity and race, and the differences between the regions.
Considers in depth a number of contemporary debates including the claim that the US economy has lost its capacity to generate wealth and stimulate mobility, that there has been a process of civic disengagement as voluntary organisations have lost members, and that the traditional family is in
decline. Includes a thorough investigation of the effects of the terrorist attacks of September 11 and their aftermath. Looks at the arguments put forward by those who assert that a common American identity has given way to a multitude of conflicting identities structured around factors such as
race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

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The American dream and the modern economy
Individualism and conformity
Communities civic decline and bowling alone
The family sex and sexuality
Race ethnicity and Balkanisation
the American regions
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Edward Ashbee is Head of Social Studies at Denstone College, Staffordshire

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