Impact of Imports and Exports on Employment

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Swoish W R chairman import committee Pennsylvania Trans
Nariano Dr J H secretary American Clinical Thermometer Guild
The International Woodworkers of America AFLCIO statement
Kennedy Edward E research di or District 50 United Mine
Mathewson P C manager of operations Pennsylvania Division
Morris Hon Thomas G a Representative in Congress from the State
The Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Association statement submitted
Morrow J D A chairman finance committee Joy Manufacturing
Nixon Russ Washington representative United Electrical Radio
article in the New York Times of February 16 1961
Wedin John H legislative representative Fishermens Marketing
Weissenburger G L president Vanadium Corp of America letter
Otto George director American Forged Fitting Flange Association
Patton James R Jr attorney firm of Covington Burling Wash
The Valve Manufacturers Association statement submitted on behalf
Domenik Frank J managing director California Fig Institute sub
Feathers William H president Union Carbide Metals Co
Nordahl Clarence R secretarytreasurer Deep Sea Fishermens
Worley John K general counsel Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Griggs Č L director Export Pacific Inc Tacoma Wash letter
Bellamy Don special representative Rainier Manufacturing Co
Shugg Carleton senior vice president General Dynamics Electric
Buoy Harold J representing William Calvin president Inter

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Página 45 - ... being imported in such increased quantities, either actual or relative, as to cause or threaten serious injury to the domestic industry producing like or directly competitive products...
Página 90 - Commission shall determine within three months thereafter whether an industry in the United States is being or is likely to be injured, or is prevented from being established, by reason of the importation of such merchandise into the United States.
Página 234 - Agreement, including tariff concessions, any product is being imported into the territory of that contracting party in such increased quantities and under such conditions as to cause or threaten serious injury to domestic producers in that territory of like or directly competitive products...
Página 462 - Such article is a crude substance; (F) Such article is imported for use by the importer and not intended for sale in its imported or any other form ; (G) Such article is to be processed in the United States by the importer or for his account otherwise than for the purpose of concealing the origin of such article...
Página 90 - ... if the purchase price or the exporter's sales price is less than the foreign market value (or, in the absence of such value, than the cost of production) there shall be levied, collected, and paid, in addition to the duties imposed thereon by law, a special dumping duty in an amount equal to such difference.
Página 464 - Except as hereinafter provided, every article of foreign origin (or its container, as provided in subsection (b) hereof) imported into the United States shall be marked in a conspicuous place as legibly, indelibly, and permanently as the nature of the article (or container) mil permit in such manner as to indicate to an ultimate purchaser in the United States the English name of the country of origin of the article.
Página 411 - Unfair methods of competition and unfair acts in the importation of articles into the United States, or in their sale by the owner, importer, consignee, or agent of either, the effect or tendency of which is to destroy or substantially injure an industry, efficiently and economically operated, in the United States...
Página 235 - ... to the extent and for such time as may be necessary to prevent or remedy such injury, to suspend the obligation in whole or in part or to withdraw or modify the concession.
Página 467 - That this subdivision (J) shall not apply after September 1, 1938, to sawed lumber and timbers, telephone, trolley, electric-light, and telegraph poles of wood, and bundles of shingles; but the President is authorized to suspend the effectiveness of this proviso if he finds such action required to carry out any trade agreement entered into under the authority of the Act of June 12, 1934 (USC, 1934 edition, title 19.
Página 71 - The new program is designed to insure a stable, healthy industry in the United States capable of exploring for and developing new hemisphere reserves to replace those being depleted. The basis of the...

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