Materials Survey: Bauxite

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953 - 348 páginas
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Página 1 - Violations. Any person who wilfully violates any provision of this order, or who, in connection with this order, wilfully conceals a material fact or furnishes false information to any department or agency of the United States, is guilty of a crime, and upon conviction may be punished by fine or imprisonment. In addition any such person may be prohibited from...
Página 1 - Applicability of Priorities Regulation No. 1. This Order and all transactions affected thereby are subject to the provisions of Priorities Regulation No, 1 (Part 944) as amended from time to time, except to the extent that any provision hereof may be inconsistent therewith, in which case the provisions of this Order shall govern.
Página 1 - sec. 2 (a), Pub. Law 671, 76th Cong., as amended by Pub. Laws 89 and 507, 77th Cong.) Issued this 26th day of January, 1943. Director General for Operations.
Página 10 - Geophysical Survey of Arkansas Bauxite Region, Pulaski, Saline, Lonoke, White, Grant, Hot Spring, and Clark Counties, by JR Thoenen, M. C.
Página 4 - The Ammonium Sulphate Process for the Extraction of Alumina from Clay and its Application in a Plant at Salem, Oregon.
Página 20 - Joint Hearings before the Subcommittee on Surplus Property of the Committee on Military Affairs, Special Committee to Study and Survey Problems of Small Business Enterprises, Industrial Reorganization Subcommittee of the Special Committee on Postwar Economic Policy and Planning, Aluminum Plant Disposal.
Página 11 - Total" carbohydrate in the majority of cases is reckoned as carbohydrate by difference, that is, as the difference between 100 percent and the sum of the percentages of water, protein, fat, and ash.
Página 22 - Another interesting study was made by experts of the United States Geological Survey and the United States Bureau of Mines and...
Página 8 - ... and ash expressed as percentages and figured on the total compound. If the alcoholic-potash extract is over 2 per cent of the rubber as first calculated, subtract this excess also from the rubber. The organic-acetone extract shall be obtained by taking the difference between the total...

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