Department of Defense Appropriations: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of ..., 94-1 [Jan. 1975].

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Página 757 - In case any supplies or lots of supplies are defective In material or workmanship or otherwise not in conformity with the requirements...
Página 134 - ... (4) to perform, for the benefit of the existing intelligence agencies, such additional services of common concern as the National Security Council determines can be more efficiently accomplished centrally ; (5) to perform such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the National Security Council may from time to time direct...
Página 277 - The purchase or contract is for technical or special property that he determines to require a substantial initial investment or an extended period of preparation for manufacture, and for which he determines that formal advertising would be likely to result in additional cost to the Government by reason of duplication of investment or would result in duplication of necessary preparation which would unduly delay the procurement of the property...
Página 158 - That the Director of Central Intelligence shall be responsible for protecting intelligence sources and methods from unauthorized disclosure...
Página 133 - the Central Intelligence Agency, directly violating its charter, conducted a massive illegal domestic intelligence operation during the Nixon Administration against the anti-war movement and other dissident groups in the United States.
Página 157 - ... of this section, by the President, or by the head of a department or agency of the United States Government which is expressly designated by the President to engage in communication intelligence activities for the United States.
Página 669 - Appropriations for reprogramming of funds, unless for higher priority items, based on unforeseen military requirements, than those for which originally appropriated and in no case where the item for which reprogramming is requested has been denied by the Congress.
Página 157 - Whenever in the judgment of the Commission any person has engaged or is about to engage in any acts or practices which constitute or will constitute a violation...
Página 157 - States may make application to the appropriate court for an order enjoining such acts or practices, or for an order enforcing compliance with such provision, and upon a showing by the Commission that such person has engaged or is about to engage in any such acts or practices, a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order, or other order may be granted.
Página 49 - Yes, sir, I will be happy to do so. [The information follows...

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