Secrets of Lucky People: A Study of the Laws of Good Luck

Secrets of Lucky People, 06/05/2008 - 284 páginas

You Can Make Your Own Luck!
Step one: Read this book to learn why some have more good fortune than others. Step two: Apply the lessons and soon you'll be one of these lucky people! You'll discover how to:
* Quickly develop a lucky attitude.
* Make problems into opportunities.
* Be what Donald Trump calls a "tough optimist."
* Find the right people and places for better luck.
* Use simple exercises to increase your luck this week.
* Follow the example of Thomas Edison, who said, "I never did a day's work in my life."
* Put the "law of attraction," "manifesting" and other "universal principles" in proper perspective.
"If you are looking for superstition in this book, you'll be sorely disappointed. Steve provides only gems of practical wisdom on how to create your own luck. This highly readable book shows you simple principles illustrated by interesting stories on how to make preparations to be lucky in your life in the ways that you desire." - Dr. YKK (Yew K Keong, Ph.D), International speaker, trainer, consultant and best-selling author on creativity & innovation. (

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