Debates of the Senate of the Dominion of Canada of 1867/68-1949, Volume 1

Queen's Printer., 1903
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Página 496 - Hides any tools, clothes, or other property owned or used by such other person, or deprives him of or hinders him in the use thereof; or, 4.
Página 315 - But the hands that were played By that heathen Chinee, And the points that he made, Were quite frightful to see — Till at last he put down a right bower, Which the same Nye had dealt unto me. Then I looked up at Nye, And he gazed upon me; And he rose with a sigh, And said "Can this be?
Página 480 - ... on such non-enumerated article the same rate of duty as is chargeable on the article which it resembles paying the highest...
Página 406 - The Administration of Justice in the Province, including the Constitution, Maintenance, and Organization of Provincial Courts, both of Civil and of Criminal Jurisdiction, and including Procedure in Civil Matters in those Courts.
Página 496 - Every person who, with a view to compel any other person to abstain from doing or to do any act which such other person has a legal right to do or abstain from doing, wrongfully and without legal authority — 1.
Página 495 - ... (a) uses violence to such other person, or his wife or children, or injures his property; or (b) intimidates such other person, or his wife or children, by threats of using violence to him, her or any of them, or...
Página 463 - He's true to God who's true to man ; wherever wrong is done, To the humblest and the weakest, 'neath the all-beholding sun, That wrong is also done to us ; and they are slaves most base, Whose love of right is for themselves, and not for all their race.
Página 257 - No court of the Dominion of Canada, or of any Province or Territory thereof, shall have power or jurisdiction to recognize or enforce, or to receive in evidence any report of a board, or any testimony or proceedings before a board, as against any person or for any purpose, except in the case of the prosecution of such person for perjury.
Página 412 - The Judges of the Superior Courts shall hold office during good Behaviour, but shall be removable by the Governor General on Address of the Senate and House of Commons.
Página 279 - Such Works as, although wholly situate within the Province, are before or after their Execution declared by the Parliament of Canada to be for the general Advantage of Two or more of the Provinces.

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