Speech Communication: Essays to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Speech Communication Association

Gerald M. Phillips, Julia T. Wood
SIU Press, 1990 - 347 páginas

The essays and their authors are: "Speech Communication after 75 Years: Issues and Prospects" by Dennis S. Gouran; "Constituted by Agency: The Discourse and Practice of Rhetorical Criticism" by Sonja Foss; "Contemporary Developments in Rhetorical Criticism: A Consideration of the Effects of Rhetoric" by Richard A. Cherwitz and John Theobald-Osborne; "Tradition and Resurgence in Public Address Studies" by Robert S. Iltis and Stephen H. Browne; "Communication Competence" by Rebecca B. Rubin; "Interpersonal Communication Research: What Should We Know?" by Dean E. Hewes, Michael E. Roloff, Sally Planalp, and David R. Seibold; "Research in Interpretation and Performance Studies: Trends, Issues and Priorities" by Mary S. Strine, Beverly Long, and Mary Frances Hopkins; "Communication Technology and Society" by Stuart J. Kaplan; "Legal Constraints on Communication" by Peter E. Kane; "A Cultural Inquiry Concerning the Ontological and Epistemic Dimensions of Self, Other, and Context in Communication Scholarship" by H. Lloyd Goodall, Jr.; "Health Communication and Interpersonal Competence" by Gary Kreps and Jim Query, Jr.; and "What Doth the Future Hold?" by Carroll C. Arnold.



Speech Communication after SeventyFive
The Discourse and Practice
Tradition and Resurgence in Public Address Studies
Communication Competence
What Should
Communication Technology and Society
Legal Constraints on Communication
IO A Cultural Inquiry Concerning the Ontological and Epistemic
What Doth the Future Hold?
Notes on Contributors
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