Quarters and Allowances at St. Elizabeths Hospital: Hearings Before the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments, House of Representatives, Seventieth Congress, Second Session. December 19, 1928

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1929 - 52 páginas
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Página 225 - contracting officer" as used herein shall include his duly appointed successor or his authorized representative. ARTICLE 22. Alterations. — The following changes were made in this contract before it was signed by the parties hereto: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this contract as of the day and year first above written. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA By (Official Title) Two witnesses: Contractor.
Página 226 - Government, in the penal sum of dollars lawful money of the United States, for the payment of which sum well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators, and successors, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
Página 223 - The delay in the completion of the work arises from unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Contractor, including but not restricted to, acts of God, acts of the public enemy, acts of the Government...
Página 15 - The word VALUE, it is to be observed, has two different meanings, and sometimes expresses the utility of some particular object, and sometimes the power of purchasing other goods which the possession of that object conveys. The one may be called ' value in use;' the other, * value in exchange.
Página 225 - CONTRACT, entered into this day of , 19 , by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, hereinafter called the Government represented by the contracting officer executing this contract, and...
Página 223 - If the contractor refuses or fails to make deliveries of the materials or supplies within the time specified, or any extension thereof, the Government may by written notice terminate the right of the contractor to proceed with deliveries or such part or parts thereof as to which there has been delay. In such event, the Government may purchase similar materials or supplies in the open market or secure the manufacture and delivery of the materials and supplies by...
Página 26 - No officer in any branch of the public service, or any other person whose salary, pay or emoluments are fixed by law or regulations...
Página 223 - ... the contract) notify the contracting officer in writing of the causes of delay, who shall ascertain the facts and the extent of the delay and extend the time for completing the work when in his judgment the findings of fact justify such an extension, and his findings of fact thereon shall be final and conclusive on the parties hereto...
Página 227 - I am the secretary of the corporation named as principal in the within bonds; that , who signed the said bond on behalf of the principal was then of said corporation; that I know his signature, and his signature thereto is genuine; and that said bond was duly signed, sealed, and attested for and in behalf of said corporation by authority of its governing body.
Página 221 - States, however, reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informality in bids received whenever such rejection or waiver is in the interest of the United States.

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