Surface Transportation Safety Measures: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, United States Senate, Eighty-Fifth Congress, First Session ... March 20, 21, 1957

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1957 - 343 páginas
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Página 55 - When a train stops or is delayed, under circumstances in which it may be overtaken by another train, the flagman must go back immediately with stop signals a sufficient distance to insure full protection.
Página 164 - Commission may utilize the services of the Bureau for the Safe Transportation of Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles...
Página 260 - Commission shall prepare rules, standards, and instructions for the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of such...
Página 310 - The opportunity of presenting the views of the American Farm Bureau Federation with respect to proposals to authorize grants for mass transportation is appreciated.
Página 2 - person" means any individual, firm, co-partnership, corporation, company, association, or joint-stock association ; and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or personal representative thereof.
Página 312 - The Commission is hereby authorized to investigate and report on the need for Federal regulation of the sizes and weight of motor vehicles...
Página 36 - The date of testing or cleaning, and the initials of the shop or station at which the work is done, shall be legibly stenciled in a conspicuous place on the parts, or placed on a card displayed under glass in the cab of each locomotive unit.
Página 293 - Code of Rules governing the condition of, and repairs to, freight and passenger cars for the Interchange of Traffic...
Página 312 - Commission is hereby authorized to investigate and report on the need for Federal regulation of the sizes and weight of motor vehicles and combinations of motor vehicles and of the qualifications and maximum hours of service of employees of all motor carriers and private carriers of property by motor vehicle ; and in such investigation the Commission shall avail itself of the assistance of all departments or bureaus of the Government and of any organization of motor carriers having special knowledge...
Página 338 - Is hereby authorized as to the use by the United States on or after July 1, 1956, of any highway motor vehicle on the public highways In the United States, whether or not such...

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