eLeadership: Proven Techniques for Creating an Environment of Speed and Flexibility in the Digital Economy

Simon and Schuster, 22/08/2001 - 256 páginas
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What if the rules that made you successful were the cause of your current problems?
What if the name of the game was personal fulfillment rather than power and wealth?
What if the biggest threat to your company's future was employee dissatisfaction?
What if success in the digital economy depended on refreshing your work environment?
What if you could eliminate friction between baby boomers and younger workers?
What if the answer was eLeadership?
From one of the world's leading management consultants comes a dynamic new style of leadership that will enlighten and inspire executives to rethink and retool their companies for the eWorld.
Transforming today's overwhelmed corporate executive into an eLeader requires launching a revolution in the workplace. But the payoffs -- personal and professional -- can be extraordinary. With business practices changing on a daily basis, companies must create environments of speed and flexibility that will engage today's employees and allow radical ideas to thrive, because only those companies that move first and innovate fast will reap the financial rewards the digital economy has to offer.
In eLeadership, author and consultant Susan Annunzio takes you beyond typical management-speak, offering a real blueprint for leading this revolution. Readers will learn to inspire, encourage, and retain staff at all levels. Annunzio teaches new ways to:

  • Create a twenty-first-century vision for your company
  • Promote environments that succeed in the eWorld
  • Think about what a company is and what it should look like
  • Ignite passion for saving America's traditional businesses

Through dozens of real-world examples of eLeadership in action, Annunzio shares the five critical steps to heroic leadership, and shows how to close the gap between the baby boomers and the younger Generations X and Y to create a more productive working environment.
As this timely book shows, the greatest opportunity to make a difference in corporate America today may be in attacking traditional priorities in unconventional ways.

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Susan Annunzio is a partner at Nextera, a leading global management consultancy firm. She is a recognized authority in the field of change man-agement and a sought-after adviser to senior corporate leaders around the world, as well as being the coauthor with Marcia B. Cherney of Communicoding. Annunzio also is assistant adjunct professor of management at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is quoted frequently in leading business media, including The Wall Street Journal and Management Review. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her two children, Christopher and Angie Rose.

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