First Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Bill for 1943

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942 - 364 páginas
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Página 160 - Congress, or both, any defense article for the government of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States.
Página 159 - By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the statutes of the United States...
Página 48 - It shall be the policy of those departments and agencies of the Government dealing with wages (including the Department of Labor and its various bureaus, the War Department, the Navy Department, the War Production Board, the National Labor Relations Board...
Página 311 - Stat. 443), shall apply with respect to any individual who specifically claims such privilege. (c) No department, agency, or official exercising any functions under this act shall publish or disclose information obtained hereunder which is deemed confidential or with reference to which a request for confidential treatment is made by the person furnishing such information unless the head of such department or agency determines that the withholding thereof is contrary to the national interest.
Página 260 - ... 110 per centum of the parity price so adjusted; (2) the. market price prevailing for such commodity on October 1, 1941; (3) the market price prevailing for such commodity on December 15, 1941 ; or (4) the average price for such commodity during the period July 1, 1919, to June 30, 1929.
Página 21 - It is hereby declared to be in the interest of the national defense and security and necessary to the effective prosecution of the present war, and the purposes of this Act are, to stabilize prices and to prevent speculative, unwarranted, and abnormal increases in prices and rents; to eliminate and prevent profiteering, hoarding, manipulation, speculation, and other disruptive practices resulting from abnormal market conditions or scarcities...
Página 244 - The committee is authorized to utilize the services, information, facilities, and personnel of the various departments and agencies of the Government...
Página 160 - Development, at the head of which shall be a director appointed by the President. The director shall discharge and perform his responsibilities and duties under the direction and supervision of the President.
Página 50 - On and after the date of the enactment of this paragraph, it shall be unlawful to establish, or maintain, any maximum price for any agricultural commodity or any commodity processed or manufactured in whole or substantial part...
Página 244 - The Commission shall at all times have access to all accounts, records, and memoranda kept by carriers subject to this Act...

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