The Last Revolutionary

iUniverse, 31/01/2002 - 256 páginas
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This is the story of Henry Shaw, an ordinary man who lived in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds and covers his life during the formative years of our nation. It is Henry’s chronicle for those who will follow him. Henry forms relationships with a variety of people. It starts when he and a young black slave named Oliver run away from Henry’s harsh uncle. Many people help and protect Henry. Although the main characters are fictitious, or composites of actual people, the historical events in which the characters are involved have been thoroughly researched. Historical figures such as Jefferson and Franklin appear in the story but are not major characters. The people in this story are not statesman, generals, or even war heroes. The revolutionaries in this story are the people who, sometimes by accident, make America possible.

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John Desmond is Associate Professor of English at Dutchess Community College, where he teaches courses in composition, film and literature, and politics and films.

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