Half-hours with the Highwaymen: Picturesque Biographies and Traditions of the "knights of the Road", Volume 1

Chapman & Hall, limited, 1908 - 397 páginas
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Página 150 - All you that in the condemned hold do lie, Prepare you, for to-morrow you shall die ; Watch all, and pray, the hour is drawing near That you before the Almighty must appear ; Examine well yourselves, in time repent, That you may not to eternal flames be sent. And when St. Sepulchre's bell to-morrow tolls, The Lord above have mercy on your souls. Past twelve o'clock...
Página 205 - WAILING, wailing, wailing, the wind over land and sea — And Willy's voice in the wind, ' O mother, come out to me ! ' Why should he call me to-night, when he knows that I cannot go ? For the downs are as bright as day, and the full moon stares at the snow.
Página 199 - The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be meat unto the fowls of the heaven, the flesh of thy saints unto the beasts of the earth. 3 Their blood have they shed like water round about Jerusalem; and there was none to bury them.
Página 196 - It having been argued that this was an improvement, — " No, Sir," said he, eagerly, " it is not an improvement ; they object, that the old method drew together a number of spectators. Sir, executions are intended to draw spectators. If they do not draw spectators, they do not answer their purpose.
Página 166 - As clever Tom Clinch, while the rabble was bawling, Rode stately through Holborn to die in his calling, He stopt at the George for a bottle of sack, And promised to pay for it when he came back.
Página 50 - ON the lone bleak moor, At the midnight hour, Beneath the Gallows Tree, Hand in hand The Murderers stand By one, by two, by three ! And the Moon that night With a grey, cold light Each baleful object tips ; One half of her form Is seen through the storm, The other...
Página 46 - The church stood in my way, and I took my horse and my company, and went thither. I thought I should have found a great company in the church, and when I came there, the church door was fast locked.
Página 196 - The age is running mad after innovation ; all the business of the world is to be done in a new way; men are to be hanged in a new way; Tyburn itself is not safe from the fury of innovation'.
Página 166 - The hangman for pardon fell down on his knee; Tom gave him a kick in the guts for his fee. Then said, I must speak to the people a little, But I'll see you all damn'd before I will whittle. My honest friend Wild, may he long hold his place, He lengthen'd my life with a whole year of grace.
Página 206 - em, I buried 'em all I can't dig deep, I am old - in the night by the churchyard wall. My Willy 'ill rise up whole when the trumpet of judgment 'ill sound, But I charge you never to say that I laid him in holy ground.

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