Reflections on American Exceptionalism

David Keith Adams, Cornelis A. van Minnen
Ryburn Publishing, 1994 - 255 páginas
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This is the first collection of conference and other papers to be produced in the EPAH series of volumes. This selection has been shaped by the desire to provide internal cohesion around the theme of democratic republicanism as expressed domestically, reflected externally and articulated in particular foreign policy exercises. It includes 'The Turner-Thesis Revisited' (Jan Willem Schulte Nordholt), 'Concepts of Democracy and Republicanism in the Late-18th Century' (Colin Bonwick); 'Transatlantic Radical Liberalism' (Owen R Ashton and AlunMunslow); 'James Bryce and Harold Laski' (William R Brock); 'The Exceptionalist Syndrome in US Continental and Overseas Expansionism' (Serge Ricard); 'In the Name of Anglo-Saxondom, For Empire and For Democracy' (Anna Maria Martellone); 'Democracy Goes Imperial' (Sylvia L. Hilton); 'World War One and Wilsonian Exceptionalism' (Daniela Rossini); 'The Principle of Self-Determination of Nations and American Policy in the Region of Former Yugoslavia from Wilson to Roosevelt' (Ivan Cismic); 'The Myth of America in Poland from the "Empire of Liberty" to the "Empire of Liberation" (Zofia Libiszowska); 'The Gulf War and the New World Order' (Pierre Lepinasse); 'Soldiers and Citizens' (Manfred Berg') and 'Nationalism in International Law and Practice' (Knud Kracau).

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