The Reference Shelf, Volume 2,Edição 6

H.W. Wilson Company, 1924

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Página 63 - We find that the legislative chambers are conducted with dignity and decorum and are. composed of representative men. We feel that the lack of success in certain departments should not be considered as proof of essential incapacity on the part of Filipinos, but rather as indicating lack of experience and opportunity, and especially lack of inspection. We find that questions In regard to confirmation of appointments...
Página 25 - Another logical deduction from the main proposition is that when the Filipino people as a whole show themselves reasonably fit to conduct a popular self-government, maintaining law and order and offering equal protection of the laws and civil rights to rich and poor, and desire complete independence of the United States, they shall be given it.
Página 25 - We regard ourselves as trustees acting not for the advantage of the United States, but for the benefit of the people of the Philippine Islands. Every step we take will be taken with a view to the ultimate independence of the islands and as a preparation for that independence.
Página 25 - Every step we take will be taken with a view to the ultimate independence of the Islands and as a preparation for that independence. And we hope to move toward that end as rapidly as the safety and the permanent interests of the Islands will permit. After each step taken experience will guide us to the next.
Página 33 - We recommend that under no circumstances should the American government permit to be established in the Philippine Islands a situation which would leave the United States in a position of responsibility without authority.
Página 29 - We accepted the Philippines from high duty in the interest of their inhabitants and for humanity and civilization. Our sacrifices were with this high motive. We want to improve the condition of the inhabitants, securing them peace, liberty, and the pursuit of their highest good.
Página 64 - s administration, only 25.1 per cent of the decisions appealed from these courts were reversed by the Supreme Court. From March 3, 1919, to March 4, 1921, another period of two years with Filipinos in control, the percentage of reversals was decreased to 20.8 per cent. The number of cases disposed of by the courts of first instance for the eight years (1906 to 1913, inclusive) was as much as 82,528. The total number of cases disposed of for the same length of time, with Filipinos in greater control...
Página 33 - We feel that with all their many excellent qualities, the experience of the past eight years, during which they have had practical autonomy, has not been such as to justify the people of the United States...
Página 29 - Therefore, so far as it is humanly possible to judge and say, we can see only one aim for the Commission of Independence — independence; and we can give only one instruction— to get it. Thus America, in adding another glory to her banner by establishing the first...
Página 25 - The Filipino people, through their officials, are therefore making real steps in the direction of self-government. I hope and believe that these steps mark the beginning of a course which will continue till the Filipinos become fit to decide for themselves whether they desire to be an independent nation.

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