Security Consulting

Elsevier, 10/08/2004 - 195 páginas
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Since 9/11, business and industry has paid close attention to security within their own organizations. In fact, no other time in modern history has business and industry been more concerned with security issues. A new concern for security measures to combat potential terrorism, sabotage, theft and disruption- which could bring any business to it's knees- has swept the nation. This has opened up a huge opportunity for private investigators and security professionals as consultants. Many retiring law enforcement and security management professionals look to enter the private security consulting market. Security consulting often involves conducting in depth security surveys so businesses will know exactly where security holes are present and where they need improvement to limit their exposure to various threats. The Third Edition of Security Consulting introduces security and law enforcement professionals to the career and business of security consulting. It provides new and potential consultants with the practical guidelines needed to start up and maintain a successful independent practice. This new edition includes updated and expanded information on marketing, fees and expenses, forensic consulting, the use of computers, and the need for professional growth. The useful sample forms will be updated in addition to the new promotion opportunities and keys to conducting research on the Web.
  • The only book of its kind dedicated to a ground-up approach to beginning a security consulting practice
  • Proven, practical methods to establish and run a security consulting business
  • New coverage of utilizing the power of the Internet

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Chapter 14 Insurance and Liability Issues
Chapter 15 A Successful Security Consulting Business Stands on a Tripod
Consulting Contract
Professional Services Agreement
Confidential Information Agreement
Security Survey Work Sheets
IAPSCs Best Practices Bulletin 2
IAPSCs Best Practices Bulletin 1

Chapter 9 Fees and Expenses
Chapter 10 Forensic Consulting
Chapter 11 Ethics in Consulting
Chapter 12 The Use of Technology in Your Practice
Chapter 13 The Need for Professional Growth
IAPSCs 20th Anniversary Conference Remarks
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Página 165 - ... protective lighting operated manually or automatically? Do cones of light on perimeter overlap? Are perimeter lights wired in series? Is the lighting at shipping and receiving docks or piers adequate? Is lighting in the parking lots adequate? Is there an auxiliary power source available? Is the interior of buildings adequately lighted? Are top secret and secret activities adequately lighted? Are guards equipped with powerful flashlights? How many more and what type of lights are needed to provide...
Página 107 - ... publication, than others. Some types of expert testimony will not rely on anything like a scientific method, and so will have to be evaluated by reference to other standard principles attendant to the particular area of expertise. The trial judge in all cases of proffered expert testimony must find that it is properly grounded, well-reasoned, and not speculative before it can be admitted.

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Charles “Chuck Sennewald, CSC, CPP, is an independent security management consultant and expert witness and the author of numerous Butterworth-Heinemann titles, including "Effective Security Management"; "Security Consulting"; "Retail Crime, Security and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference;" "From the Files of a Security Expert Witness"; and earlier editions of this book "The Process of Investigation." Chuck is a graduate of California State University - Los Angeles with a BS degree in Police Science and Administration. Chuck is also the founder and first president of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), and is a long-time member of ASIS International. He has lectured and is read in countries around the globe.

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