Water Resources in the Middle East: Israel-Palestinian Water Issues – From Conflict to Cooperation

Hillel Shuval, Hassan Dweik
Springer Science & Business Media, 30/07/2007 - 454 páginas
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Israeli-Palestinian Water Issues – From Conflict To Cooperation This book Israeli-Palestinian Water Issues- From Conflict to Coope- tion authored by a group of leading Palestinian, Israeli and international water experts is a unique and timely document illustrating the imp- tance of mutual understanding, respect and amity among peoples d- ing a difficult period of stress, whose leaders, sadly, have not yet found the way of resolving the conflicts between them and of living in peace with each other. Nevertheless it is a book which demonstrates hope, - timism and belief that people with good will in their hearts can help contribute to finding the way to peace and mutual cooperation in so- ing shared problems essential for their mutual survival and welfare. nd The participants in the 2 Israeli- Palestinian International Conference on Water for Life in the Middle East held in Antalya Turkey in October 2004, which served as the source of most of the papers in this book concluded the Conference with the following declaration: We two hundred participants in this Israeli-Palestinian International Conference ... complete our conference with a sense of optimism. It is clear that the Palestinian and Israeli participants, along with their international partners remain committed to solving the many challenges associated with water quantity and quality in our region.

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Jordan River and Dead Sea
Formulating A Regional Policy for the Future of the Dead Sea
Water Trade and Water Markets
Virtual Water in the Water Resource Management of
Water Conflicts and International Water Markets
Water Transfer from Turkey to WaterStressed Countries
Socioeconomic Development and Benefit Sharing in
Reappraising the Oslo Water Regime
Water Resource Management
Resource Conservation
Impact of Climate Change
Mitigating Negative Impacts of Global Warming on Water Resources
Mutual Dependencies of Land Use
Water and Wastewater Technology in the Middle East
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Olive Mill Wastewater in Jordan
Pollution of the Mountain Aquifer by Sewage

U S Sponsored Conflict Resolution Through Cooperation in
Effects of the Separation Barrier on the Viability of a Future
International Water Law
Potential Use of New Geological Findings for Water Exploitation
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Professor HILLEL SHUVAL is Director of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Hadassah Academic College-Jerusalem and Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He served as initiator and co-chairman of the First and Second Israeli-Palestinian International Conferences on Water held in Zurich in 1992 and Antalya, Turkey, 2004.
Professor HASSAN DWEIK is a Professor of Polymer and Industrial Chemistry at the Al-Quds University in Jerusalem; he served as the co-Chairman of the Second Israeli-Palestinian International Conference on Water in Antalya in 2004. He is Executive Vice President at Al-Quds University. He has published many articles on environmental issues in Palestine, in particular on water pollution and solid waste management.

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