Special Publications, Edição 145

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1935
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Página 36 - Whoever shall willfully destroy, deface, change, or remove to another place any section corner, quarter-section corner, or meander post, on any Government line of survey, or...
Página 36 - An Act to codify, revise, and amend the penal laws of the United States...
Página 9 - To compare two alternative figures, either quadrilaterals or central point figures, for example, with each other in so far as the strength with which the length is carried is concerned, proceed as follows: (a) For each figure take out the distance angles, to the nearest degree if possible, for the best and second best chains of triangles through the figure. These chains are to be selected at first by estimation, and the estimate is to be checked later by the results of comparison. (Z>) For each triangle...
Página 111 - Reference marks Note 11. — A standard disk reference mark with the arrow pointing toward the station set at the center of the top of (a) a square block or post of concrete, (6) a concrete cylinder, (c) an irregular mass of concrete.
Página 111 - Note 13. — A standard disk reference mark with the arrow pointing toward the station set in concrete at the center of the top of a tile, (a) which is embedded in the ground, (b) which is surrounded by a mass of concrete, (c) which is fastened by means of concrete to the upper end of a long wooden pile driven into the marsh, (d) which is set in a block of concrete and projects from 12 to 20 inches above the block. Witness marks.
Página 111 - ... station mark, (6) a copper bolt projecting slightly above the concrete, (c) an iron nail with the point projecting above the concrete, (d) a glass bottle with the neck projecting a little above the concrete, (e) an earthenware jug with the mouth projecting a little above the concrete. Note 8. — In bedrock (a) a standard disk...
Página 38 - It should be 16 inches in diameter for the top 2% feet and 10 inches in diameter at the lower end. Concrete made of good cement, sand, and gravel or broken rock is placed in the lower part of the hole to a depth of 6 inches. A standard tablet station mark (fig.
Página 108 - Of equal importance to the future recovery of the station is the description of the station, which should be clear, concise, and complete. The first part of the description should enable one to go with certainty to the immediate vicinity of the station, while the latter part, the detailed description, by its measured distances to reference marks and its description of the station marks must inform the searcher of the exact location of the station and make its identification certain. The...
Página 214 - Special Publication No. 71, Relation Between Plane Rectangular Coordinates and Geographic Positions.
Página 8 - B y ) depend entirely on the figure chosen and are independent of the accuracy with which the angles are measured. The product of these two terms is, therefore, a measure of the strength of the figure with respect to length, in so far as the strength depends on the selection of stations and of lines over which observations are made. Hence, the strength of...

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