Health: The Foundations for Achievement

John Wiley & Sons, 29/06/2001 - 164 páginas
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This inspirational book provides the philosophical backbone tocountless courses for health professionals. It poses twofundamental questions - "What is health?" and "How can more healthbe achieved?" - and answers them at a depth unmatched by any othertext in this field. David Seedhouse shows that these questions lieat the heart of health practice, and explains why all healthworkers should ponder them deeply.

This second edition retains the freshness and enthusiasm of thefirst, while making the foundations theory and its practicalapplications clearer and more accessible than ever. The bookincludes additional material and discussion, new case studies andrevised illustrations.
* Describes and explores competing theories of health
* Establishes a practical and ethical foundation for healthpromotion and education
* Explains the foundations theory - a novel and comprehensive wayto understand health
* Shows how the foundations theory might be used to create morehumane health services

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Chapter One What is Health?
Chapter Two The Need for Philosophy
Chapter Three The Problem of Meaning
Chapter Four Theories of Health
Chapter Five The Fullest Sense of Health
Chapter Six The Idea of Human Potential
Chapter Seven The Assessment of the Health of Individuals
Chapter Eight The Aims of Health Education and Promotion
Chapter Nine How Can Health for All be Achieved?
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David Seedhouse is a truly original thinker and prolific author, highly regarded by health practitioners, teachers and students alike. Though David has a background in philosophy, his work is always focused on solving practical problems. Professor Seedhouse is best know for his writing on health and ethics, yet his work straddles many areas of social, philosophical and political concern. He has written or edited 14 books and produced over 200 book chapters, journal papers and other articles. His library includes the highly successful editions of Health: The Foundations for Achievement and Ethics: The Heart of Healthcare; the full list of his titles is given at the back of this book. His primary interest no lies in the development of software to enable transparent decision-making in healthcare, local democracy, schools and other social settings. The considerable practical impact of David's work can be seen - and engaged with - at David is Professor of Health and Social Ethics at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Professor of Health Care Analysis at Middlesex University, London. He is CEO of VIDe Ltd - - and a popular keynote conference speaker internationally.

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