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Company response to the requests for Information embodied la
Paragraphs 6(a) and 6(b) of Attachment A to the Fabruary 18,
1969 letter, ladicatus that some of the companies have con-
·strued these provisions too narrowly. In order that any at-
biguity may be resolved, your company is requested to supply
any additional information that may be called for by the fol-
lowing amendment to Paragraphs 6(a) and 6(b) of Attachment A
to the letter:

"6(a) Correspondence, nemoranda, reports or other com-
munications to, from, between, or among the individuale
identified la item 2 abova.

"6(b) Correspondence, nemoranda, reports or other com-
munications to, fron, between, or mong persons identi-
fied in itam 3 above, and any director, official, rep-
resentative, or employee of National General."

Please confira to the Howa Antitrust Subcommittee when National
General has complied with this amended request.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation with the Subcommittee in its lovestigation.

Sincerely yours,

Emanuel Celler


May 16, 1969

Mr. Thomas H. Kuchel
Attomey at Law
1156 15th Street, N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20005

Dear Senator Kuchal:

This le to confirm your telephone conversation of Priday, May 16, 1969, with R. Frederick Jott of the staff of the Antitrust Subcommittee in which he requested that you please obtain certain documents from your client, National General Corporation, which relate to the Subcommittee's investigation of conglomerates.

The documents requested are as follows:

1. The response, if any, to a letter dated April 23,
1969, from Mr. Richard E. Steward, Superintendent of
Insurance of the State of New York, to Mr. Richard A.
Lydecker, President of Great American Insurance Con-
pany relating to the "Report on Special Examination
of Declaration of Extraordinary Dividend on January 14,
1969, dated: April 2, 1969"; and,

2. A list of the securities transferred pursuant to
the dividend declared as of January 14, 1969, together
with market values and yield; and,

3. A copy of the minutes of the Board of Directors of
Great American Insuranca Company in which the Board re-
solved to pay the said dividend together with a list of
directors present and voting.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation in this matter.


Emanuel Celler


Jupo 16, 1969

Mr. £. V. Klein
National General Corporation
1 Carthay Plasa
Los Angela, California 90048

Dear Mr. Klaia:

National General Corporation has been requested to
supply information to the House Antitrust Subcommit-
teo in its investigation of mergers and acquisitions
by so-called conglomerate corporations. In addition
to the information previously requested, please fur-
nish to cha Subcommittee a listing, by State and
political subdivision, of the locations at which
National General Corporation, its subsidiaries or
allllated organisations does business in the United
States and in foreign countries, together with the
type of activities perfomed at uch such location.
For your convenience thora is attached as Exhibit A
a skeleton chart in the form desired by the Subcon-

Please furnish the information requested in this letter on or before July 23, 1969. Thank you for your courtery and cooperation with the Subcommittee in this lavestigation.

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I. List United States locations alphabetically by State, with political

subdivisions as appropriate.


List foreign locations by country and city in the following order:

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1.e., production of

assembly of warehousing of

„ movie distributor, theatre operations, financial services, etc.


Identify subsidiary, affiliate, or division that performs activity at such location.


Por each location acquired or opened aince January 1, 1960, identify
relevant perger transaction and date.

January 7, 1970

Mr. Eugene V. Klein
Chairman of the Board
National General Corporation
1 Carthay Plaza
Los Angeles, California 90048

Dear Mr. Klein:

The House Antitrust Subcommittee has scheduled public hearings in its investigation of mergers and acquisitions by conglomerate corporations. The Subcommittee will receive testimony froin representatives of National General Corporation on January 28 and 29, 1970.

The Subcommittee requests that the following witnesses from National General Corporation appear at 10:00 A.M., in Room 2141, Raybura House Office Building on the scheduled hearing days:

Eugene V. Klein
Director, Chairman of the Board and President

Harold A. Lipton
Director, Vice President and Secretary

Marvin Finnell
Chairman of Operating Committee

Great American Insurance Company and
General Counsel, National General Corporation

The listed witnesses may be accompanied by such additional representatives as National General Corporation deems appropriate.

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