Ideologues and Ideologies in Latin America

Will Fowler
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1997 - 211 páginas
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The chapters in this volume provide a varied yet consistent analysis of the ways in which ideologies have been used, misused, or abandoned in Latin America in the twentieth century. The volume offers scholars and students a challenging collection of interpretations of and explanations for the ways in which ideologues and ideologies have played a crucial role in the political development of the continent. And, while illuminating key reasons for the rise and fall of specific ideologies and their repeated betrayal throughout the century--from anarchism to communism, to socialism, to Peronism, to neoliberalism--the volume indicates how much there is still left to learn about the importance of ideological discourse in the mind and polity of Latin America. With chapters examining Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Paraguay, and Argentina, this work will be of interest to all Latin Americanists.


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Introduction Stressing the Importance of Ideological Discourse
The Rise and Fall of AnarchoSyndicalism in South America 18801930
Cuban Nationalism and Responses to Private Education in Cuba 19021958
Intellectuals and the State in Spanish America A Comparative Perspective
Ideology and Populism in Latin America A Gendered Overview
Ideology and the Cuban Revolution Myth Icon and Identity
US Ideology and Central American Revolutions In the Cold War
Ideology and Opportunism in the Regime of Alfredo Stroessner 19541989
Feminism Ideology and LowIncome Womens Groups in Latin America
Jaime Guzmán and the Gremialistas From Catholic Corporatist Movement to Free Market Party
El Mercurios Editorial Page La Semana Económica and Neoliberal Policy Making in Todays Chile
Selected Bibliography
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WILL FOWLER is Lecturer in Spanish at St. Salvator's College of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He is the editor of Authoritarianism in Latin America since Independence (Greenwood, 1996).

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