Annual Report of the Commissioner of Education Concerning the Administration of Public Laws 874 and 815, Volumes 1-6

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [etc.] Office of Education, 1952
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Página i - Federal activities have on the local educational agencies in the areas in which such activities are carried on, the Congress hereby declares it to be the policy of the United States to provide financial assistance (as set forth in the following sections of this Act) for those local educational agencies upon which the United States has placed financial burdens by reason of the fact that-- "1.
Página 7 - ... in the case of paragraph (3), the construction of additional minimum school facilities for the number of children in such increase will, in the judgment of the Commissioner, impose an undue financial burden on the taxing and borrowing authority of such agency...
Página 6 - Assistance is authorized to eligible school districts which provide free public education for children who live on Federal property with a parent employed on Federal property (Section 5(a)(l).
Página i - States has placed financial burdens by reason of the fact that— (1) the revenues available to such agencies from local sources have been reduced as the result of the acquisition of real property by the United States; or (2) such agencies provide education for children residing on Federal property ; or (3) such agencies provide education for children whose parents are employed on Federal property: or (4) there has been a sudden and substantial increase in school attendance as the result of Federal...
Página v - ... any low-rent housing project held under title II of the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935, the United States Housing Act of 1937, the Act of June 28, 1940 (Public Law 671 of the Seventy-sixth Congress), or any law amendatory of or supplementary to any of such Acts. (2) The term "child" means any child who is within the age limits for which the applicable State provides free public education. (3) The term "parent" includes a legal guardian or other...
Página 147 - Hawaii, to an amount per pupil which will not exceed the per pupil cost of free public education provided for children in comparable communities in the State.
Página 3 - If the funds appropriated for a fiscal year are not sufficient to pay in full the total amounts which all applicants whose applications have been considered for payment pursuant to this part...
Página v - Federal property" means real property which is owned by the United States or is leased by the United States, and which is not subject to taxation by any State or any political subdivision of a State or by the District of Columbia. Such term includes...
Página 4 - I appear before you today in behalf of the employees of the custodial service of the postal field service in the 48 States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia...

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