Cross-cultural Competence

Psychology Press, 2005 - 244 páginas
Cross-cultural management is a crucial challenge for the successful development of international business, yet it is often badly understood and poorly implemented. Misunderstandings arise as culture affects both individuals and organizations, yet attempts to understand, explain and interpret these differences have often been hidden between a welter of conflicting theories and paradigms. This book is a much-needed guide to the theory and practice of cross-cultural management. It focuses on four key areas: * the language connection * the global connection * the management connection * the multimedia connection. Using an innovative approach combining theory, tool-kits and applications, it takes a fresh look at this complex topic, investigating the recognition of cross-cultural differences, accounting for them in managerial communications, and bridging them in a variety of negotiations, interactions and collaborative projects. The author has developed an innovative approach to learning and teaching cultural sensitivity via the exploration of a number of classic film masterpieces. As a crucial part of the global business environment and of organizational understanding, this book will be welcomed by postgraduate students of international business, HRM and organizational behaviour, as well as executives and consultants involved in cross-border negotiations and management.

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the shadow of the Tower of Babel
Means objective knowledge?
learning cultural codes as languages
a language
the global connection
the management connection
the multimedia connection
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Slawomir Magala is Professor of Cross-cultural Management at the University of Erasmus, Rotterdam.

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