Whitewash: Racialized Politics and the Media

Psychology Press, 1998 - 219 páginas
By putting the language used in television, the radio, the internet and press, as well as that spoken by key leaders, under the spotlight, what is ultimately revealed is the existence of a 'white' language, both coded and overt.
Taking specific examples and presenting new factual evidence, John Gabriel studies the racial politics that lie behind much of the communication in the public arena. Case studies draw on contemporary political controversies and are used to explore the relationship between racialised forms of media discourse and political and economic change.

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Genealogies of whiteness
Backlash culture and the defence of whiteness
Border guards bodyguards lifeguards
Policing whiteness
the politics of white pride
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John Gabriel is Head of the Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology at the University of Birmingham. He is the author of Racism, Culture, Markets and is highly regarded as an expert on racial politics and its place in society and the media.

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