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James Robins, 1829
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Página 253 - If music be the food of love, play on ; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die. That strain again ! it had a dying fall : O ! it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound That breathes upon a bank of violets, Stealing and giving odour.
Página 283 - Scholars only — this immense And glorious Work of fine intelligence! Give all thou canst ; high Heaven rejects the lore Of nicely-calculated less or more ; So deemed the man who fashioned for the sense These lofty pillars, spread that branching roof Self-poised, and scooped into ten thousand cells, Where light and shade repose, where music dwells Lingering — and wandering on as loth to die; Like thoughts whose very sweetness yieldeth proof That they were born for immortality.
Página 65 - Those who approach the study of this interesting subject with unbiassed minds will readily perceive that there must have existed an early period of lawlessness, in which it was with women as with other kinds of property, " that he should take who had the power, and he should keep who can " ; that wives were first obtained by force, then by theft, and later by trade and bargain.
Página 181 - You are to have especial care,' that the old fox and his sons do upon no account escape your hands. You are to secure all the avenues, that no man escape. This you are to put in execution at...
Página 183 - ... and demanding why the orders were transgressed in that particular, caused him instantly to be put to death. A boy, of five or six years old, clung to Glenlyon's knees, entreating for mercy, and offering to become his servant for life, if he would spare him. Glenlyon was moved ; but the same Drummond stabbed the child with his dirk, while he was in this agony of supplication. At a place called...
Página 178 - As for Mac Ian of Glencoe and that tribe, if they can be well distinguished from the other Highlanders, it will be proper, for the vindication of public justice, to extirpate that set of thieves.
Página 228 - Whatever withdraws us from the power of our senses, whatever makes the past, the distant, or the future predominate over the present, advances us in the dignity of thinking beings.
Página 94 - ANOTHER evidence of the antiquity of organs among the Anglo-Saxons has occurred to my observation in the works of Bede, a contemporary and survivor of Aldhelm. The passage is express, and also shows how they were made: — " An organum is a kind of tower made with various pipes, from which, by the blowing of bellows, a most copious sound is issued; and that a becoming modulation may accompany this, it is furnished with certain wooden tongues from the interior part, which the master's fingers skilfully...
Página 194 - ... and though exceedingly docile, his bravest acts were mostly tinctured with a grain of stupidity, which showed his reasoning faculty to be laughably obtuse. " I shall mention a striking instance of it. I was once at the farm of Shorthope on Ettrick head, receiving some lambs that I had bought, and was going to take to market, with some more, the next day. Owing to some accidental delay, I did not get final delivery of the lambs till it was growing late ; and being obliged to be at my own house...
Página 181 - This order was dated 12th February, and addressed, " For their Majesties' service, to Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon." This letter reached Glenlyon soon after it was written ; and he lost no time in carrying the dreadful mandate into execution. In the interval, he did not abstain from any of those acts of familiarity which had lulled asleep the suspicions of his victims. He took his morning draught, as...

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