The Punishment and Prevention of Crime

Macmillan and Company, 1885 - 235 páginas
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Página 133 - I said a few words to induce them to resignation, and I then stated the names of those who were to die ; and it is a remarkable fact that as I mentioned the names of those men who were to die, they one after another, as their names were pronounced, dropped on their knees, and thanked God that they were to be delivered from that horrible place, whilst the others remained standing mute. It was the most horrible scene I ever witnessed. Those who were condemned to death appeared to be rejoiced.
Página 121 - In New South Wales, on the contrary, the community was composed of the very dregs of society ; of men proved by experience to be unfit to be at large in any society, and who were sent from the British gaols, and turned loose to mix with one another in the desert, together with a few taskmasters, who were to set them to work in the open wilderness ; and with the military, who were to keep them from revolt. The consequences of this strange assemblage were vice, immorality, frightful disease, hunger,...
Página 223 - Combination, is refractory, or is the Child of Parents either of whom has been convicted of a Crime or Offence punishable with Penal Servitude or Imprisonment, and that it is desirable that he be sent to an Industrial School under this Act, the Justices or Magistrate may, if satisfied that it is expedient to deal with the Child under this Act, order him to be sent to a Certified Industrial School Order of Detention.
Página 60 - Prisons to be of such a Size, and to be lighted, warmed, ventilated, and fitted up in such a Manner, as may be requisite for Health, and furnished with the Means of enabling the Prisoner to communicate at any Time with an Officer of the Prison...
Página 121 - ... innumerable obstacles, which only undaunted patience, firmness of mind, and constancy of purpose, could overcome. But, whatever the amount of difficulties attendant on the foundation of colonies, those difficulties were greatly augmented, in New South Wales, by the character of the first settlers. The offenders, who were transported in the past century to America, were sent to communities, the bulk of whose population were men of thrift and probity ; the children of improvidence were dropped...
Página 133 - ... fair saint, nor in the fair sinner; that the female type of character is neither better nor worse than the male, but only weaker; that women are meant neither to be men's guides nor their playthings, but their comrades, their fellows, and their equals, so far as Nature puts no bar to that equality, does not seem to have entered into the minds of those who have had the conduct of the education of girls.
Página 149 - A sentence of penal servitude is, in its main features, and so far as concerns the punishment, applied on exactly the same system to every person subjected to it. The previous career and character of the prisoner makes no difference to the punishment to which he is subjected...
Página 22 - No, Sir, (said he, eagerly,) it is not an improvement: they object that the old method drew together a number of spectators. Sir, executions are intended to draw spectators. If they do not draw spectators they don't answer their purpose. The old method was most satisfactory to all parties; the publick was gratified by a procession; the criminal was supported by it. Why is all this to be swept away?
Página 118 - The great principles which your committee have endeavoured to establish are the necessity of a separation of criminals, and of a severity of punishment sufficient to make it an object of terror to the evil-doer. In both these respects the system of management in the hulks is not only necessarily deficient, it is actually opposed to them.
Página 97 - A large proportion of the prisoners who form the population of our prisons are of diseased and impaired constitutions, victims of dirt, intemperance, and irregularity, and the sins of the fathers in these respects are visited on the children " to the third and fourth generation.

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