Proceedings of the Annual Congress of Correction

American Correctional Association, 1906
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Proceedings for 1884 and 1885 include report of conference of prison officials, Chicago, 1884, separately paged.

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Página 59 - January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, no person in any such prison, penitentiary, jail or reformatory, shall be required or allowed to work, while under sentence thereto, at any trade, industry or occupation wherein or whereby his work, or the product or profit of his work, shall be farmed out, contracted, given or sold to any person, firm, association or corporation.
Página 247 - ... it shall be the duty of the said probation officer to make such investigation as may be required by the court: to be present in court in order to represent the interests of the child when the case is heard; to furnish to the court such information and assistance as the judge may require and to take such charge of any child before and after trial as may be directed by the court.
Página 323 - heard the evidence do you wish to say anything in answer to the " charge ? You are not obliged to say anything unless you desire to do " so, but whatever you say will be taken down in writing and may be
Página 337 - An act to provide for the care of dependent children in the District of Columbia and to create a Board of Children's Guardians...
Página 50 - The improvement of the penal, correctional and reformatory institutions throughout the country, and of the government, management and discipline thereof, including the appointment of boards of trustees and of other officers.
Página 33 - The prison system endeavors to make men industrious by driving them to work; to make them virtuous by removing temptation; to make them respect the law by forcing them to obey the edicts of an autocrat; to make them far-sighted by allowing them no chance to exercise foresight; to give them individual initiative by treating them in large groups; in short, to prepare them again for society by placing them in conditions as unlike real society as they could well be made.
Página 40 - WE would see Jesus ; for the shadows lengthen Across this little landscape of our life ; We would see Jesus, our weak faith to strengthen For the last weariness, the final strife.
Página 245 - Protected, he will become a contributor to the wealth, prosperity, morality and good government of the state; neglected, he will become a burden upon his fellowmen, a destroyer instead of producer, an enemy to society. An enlightened self-interest therefore unites with altruism in the juvenile court. Second, the abandonment of the idea of retributive punishment. The juvenile court is based on the truth that it is no part of the duty of the state to undertake to administer to a child a punishment...
Página 248 - Your child must be kept in school, must be made to obey, must be kept from the streets at night, must be prevented from associating with lawless companions. If you neglect the child, he will be brought back into court by the probation officer and will be taken from you and sent to some institution." It is interesting to see how the probation officer, distrusted and disliked at first, comes to be recognized as the best friend of the family, the one who is keeping the boy out of the reform school and...
Página 101 - We are, therefore, strongly of the opinion that, while probation work must always be permitted a considerable degree of flexibility to meet local conditions and individual needs, there should be provided, nevertheless, some form of central oversight. This should involve the collection of information in regard to the extent to which probation is utilized in different portions of the state from time to time, the manner in which probation work is carried on, and the value of the results secured. It...

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