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C. M. Andrews, Bryn Mawr College; Edward W. Bemis, University of Chicago; Frank W. Blackmar, University of Kansas; E. Boehm-Bawerk, University of Vienna, Austria; Robert C. Chapin, Beloit College; J. B. Clark, Amherst College; Chas. F. A. Carrier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Winthrop M. Daniels, Princeton University; W. H. Dawson, Skipton, England; Karl Diehl, University of Halle, Germany; O. L. Elliott, Leland Stanford Jr. University; Geo. H. Emmott, Johns Hopkins University; Willard C. Fisher, Wesleyan University; Wm. W. Folwell, University of Minnesota; Geo. P. Garrison, University of Texas; Charles Gide, University of Montpelier, France; E. R. L. Gould, Johns Hopkins University; John H. Gray, Northwestern University; D. I. Green, Johns Hopkins University; Ludwig Gumplowicz, University of Graz, Austria; C. H. Haskins, University of Wisconsin, Geo. H. Haynes, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Fred C. Hicks, University of Missouri; John A. Hobson, London, England; Geo. E. Howard, Leland Stanford Jr. University; J. A. James, Cornell College, Iowa; J. W. Jenks, Cornell University; David Kinley, University of Illinois, Edgar Loening, University of Halle, Germany; Achille Loria, University of Padua, Italy: Walther Lotz, University of Munich, Germany; A. Lawrence Lowell, Boston, Massachusetts; W. H. Mace, Syracuse University; Jesse Macy, Iowa College; Samuel M. Lindsay, Paris, France; Frederick W. Moore, Vanderbilt University; Carl C. Plehn, University of California; H. H. Powers, Smith College; David G. Ritchie, Jesus College Oxford, England; E. A. Ross, Leland Stanford Jr. University; Henri St. Marc, University of Bordeaux, France; Wm. A. Scott, University of Wisconsin; Lester F. Ward, Washington, D. C.; Stephen B. Weeks, Baltimore, Md.; Arthur B. Woodford, College of Social Economics, New York.


BÜCHER-Die Entstehung der Volkswirthschaft,
COSSA-Introduction to the Study of Political Economy,

FUNK A Standard Dictionary of the English Language and
PORTER-Webster's International Dictionary,

HINSDALE-How to Study and Teach History,

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LAVISSE et RAMBAUD-Histoire générale du IV Siècle à nos Jours, D. C. MUNRO.

LEBRECHT-II Malthusismo e i problemi sociale,

MORSE-Abraham Lincoln,

SUESS-The Future of Silver, .

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VAN OSS-American Railroads as Investments.

MCCAIN-Compendium of Transportation Theories and

Addresses Delivered before the World's Railway Congress in

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ZIEGLER-Die Naturwissenschaft und die Social-demokratische

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STEVENS-Sources of the Constitution of the United States,

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NOTES.-Les Lois sociologiques, G. de Greef. Domestic Economy, F. T. Paul. Development of the Nominating Convention in Rhode Island, N. Andrews. History of Slavery in Connecticut, B. C. Steiner. History of Education in Delaware, L. P. Powell. Recent French Publications.



American Academy of Political


Social Science.

Station B, Philadelphia.

The Proceedings of the Academy, together with Personal Notes, Book Reviews and Notes are published in the ANNALS. The principal papers which were submitted to the Academy and published in the ANNALS have also been reprinted in separate editions as given in the following list:


July, 1890-June, 1893.

1. Canada and the United States

.35c. J. G. BOURINOT. An analysis of the Canadian Constitutional System, and a comparison between it and the American Polity. 2. Decay of State and Local Government 25c. S. N. PATTEN. A survey of the causes which have led to the loss of vitality in local government in this country. 3. Law of Wages and Interest .............35c.

J. B. CLARK. A discussion of the manner in which capital determines wages through its influence on products. 4. Province of Sociology.

.25c. F. H. GIDDINGS. An explanation of the province of the science, the underlying conceptions of sociological theory and the spirit of sociological Investigation.

5. Instruction in Public Law and Economics in Germany.. ..35c. LEO S. ROWE.

Out of print in separate form. 6. Railroad Passenger Fares in Hungary 35c. J. J. WETHERELL. An explanation of the Zone system as in use in Austria-Hungary.

7. Origin of Connecticut Towns ......

.25c. C. M. ANDRews.

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An account of the achievements and methods of the Austrian School, by one of its most eminent representatives.

13. On the Conception of Sovereignty 25c. D. G. RITCHIE. A theoretical discussion of legal, political and nominal sovereignty.

14. The Character of Villein Tenure...15c. W. J. ASHLEY. An explanation of the position of the English laborer at the time of the Tudors.

15. Critique of Wages Theories ........35c. STUART WOOD. A discussion of the various wage theories that have been held by economists.

16. Railroad Passenger Tariffs in Austria 15c. J. J. WETHERELL.

The more important provisions of the law, taken from the book of instructions issued by the Austrian Government for the use of the public and railway officials.

17. Public Health and Municipal Government................................................ .25c.


Science, New York says: "The author sets forth in a clear way the proper municipal organization of health. Every city council in the country, as well as every citizen, should read this paper."

18. History, Theory and Technique of Statistics $1.50. AUGUST MEITZEN.

Translated into English by Roland P. Falkner. (Two parts.)

This is the most complete treatise on statistics in the German language, and the translation comes into a field which in English had been entirely unoccupied.


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A plan to compel every voter to exercise his right of suffrage under certain penalties provided by law, and discussed in this monograph.

23. Instruction in Economics in Italy 25c. R. P. FALKNER.

An exhibit of the work done in economics in Italian universities.

24. Philadelphia Social Science Association. .15c.

J. G ROSENGARTEN. A report of the work of the Philadelphia Branch of the American Association for the Promotion of Social Science during its twenty years of existence from 1869.

25. Handbook of the Academy.......$2.00. Contains a list of the membership at the date of publication, Constitution, By-Laws, Report of Executive Committee, etc. 26. In Memoriam. Jameson, LL.D..

John Alexander

.25c. F. N. THORPE.

A biographical sketch, with p rtrait, of the late Judge Jameson.

27. Constitution of Mexico


Translation of the text with an historical introduc


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34. Present Condition of the Peasants in Russia................................. 15e. COMERS DE LESTRADE.

An explanation of the communal system in vogue in Russia, under which the peasants are now slaves of the mir instead of serfs of the seigneurs.

35. Statistical Publications of the United States Government 15c.


A description of the work of the different bureaus which issue statistical publications of any description. 36. Supplement to the Handbook of the Academy. ------...50c. Contains a list of the accessions to membership in the Academy from April 15, 1891, to August 10, 1891. 37. Congress and the Cabinet.



A plan for giving members of the cabinet seats in Congress, for the purpose of giving advice in debate and answering such questions as the Congressmen may ask.

38. Place of Party in the Political System 15e. ANSON D. MORSE

A defence of the party system. 39. Recent Tendencies in the Reform of Land Tenure

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The author gives reasons based on political economy for the existing unrest that finds expression in the demands of the Socialists.

42. Basis of the Demand for the Public Regulation of Industries ..25e.


A defence of the theory that government regulation of private business is the best remedy for the existing evils of private monopolies.

43. Study of the Science of Municipal Government ..15c. F. P. PRICHARD.

The author advocates the establishment of colleges for the training of men for the public service, just as the Government School at West Point trains officers for the army. Under such a method our offices would be held by men who had a thorough knowledge of political and administrative science.

44. Political Organization of a Modern Municipality 15c. W. D. LEWIS.

Dr. Lewis claims that the reason of the present poor administration of municipal affairs lies largely in the fact that National affairs obtrude themselves too much into local politics.

45. International Arbitration ...........25a ELEANOR L. LORD.

An argument for this mode of settling internationa! quarrels.

46. Jurisprudence in American Universities..... .15c.

E. W. HUFFCCT. A plea for better instruction in this subject, with an outline of a model course.

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E. R JOHNSON. A defence of river and harbor appropriations, showing how much benefit they have brought to the country.

59. Indian Education

.25c. F. W. BLACKMAR. Prof. Blackmar shows that the only salvation for the Indian is to educate all the Indian children, teaching each some practical trade or profession, and after they are educated not to send them back to the reservation. 60. Cabinet Government in the United States....... ......15c. FREEMAN SNOW

A reply to the arguments which have been advanced in favor of adopting in the United States a form of Cabinet Government as known abroad. Cabinet Government would be not only unconstitutional, but also, as Prof. Snow proves, highly undesirable. 61. School Savings Banks.

.15c. SARA L. OBERHOLTZER. What and how numerous they are, what they have done, and what they will accomplish.

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62. Patten's Dynamic Economics

.180. JOHN B. CLARK Prof. Clark explains this late system of political economy, taking Prof. Patten's recent book as a basis.

63. Geometrical Theory of the Determination of Prices .25c.


The author presents a geometric picture of the causation of all prices.

64. Economic Causes of Moral Progress S. N. PATTEN.


An attempt to show the causes of moral progress through a comparison with economic progress.

65. Sir Wm. Temple on the Origin and Nature of Government........ 25c. F. I. HERRIOTT. A criticism and digest of Temple's works on govern


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66. Influence on Business of the Independent Treasury....... 25c. DAVID KINLEY. Shows the great dangers to the financial stability of the country that are inherent in the "Sub-treasury" system.

67. Sidgwick's Elements of Politics...15c. J. H. ROBINSON. A discussion of the science of politics and the theories current in that science. Prof. Sidgwick's recent work is taken as a basis for the discussion. 68. Preventive Legislation in Relation to Crime..............

......15c. C. H. REEVE. A plea for the suppression of crime by thorough preventive measures.

69. Effects of Consumption of Wealth on Distribution .35c.


An exposition of the effects of the consumption of wealth, with an argument for the socializing of consumption and throwing wide the doors of wealth, that humanity may enter in and enjoy much of what the individual now consumes in solitude. 70. Standard of Deferred Payments...15c. EDWARD A. Ross.

A scientific defence of bimetallism. 71. Parliamentary Procedure...............250.


An explanation of the difference between the English and American systems.

72. Social Work at the Krupp Foundries 25c. S. R. LINDSAY.

An explanation of the work that has been done at these foundries to better the condition of the laborers. 73. Local Government of County Communities in Prussia .15c.

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85. Surplus Gains of Labor......

15c. J. B. CLARK.

An argument to show that the laborer does not realize a surplus gain from the last labor performed in a natural working-day.

86. Constitutional and Organic Laws of France, 1875-1889. 50c. C. F. A. CURRIER.

Translation of the text, with an historical introduction and notes.

87. Relation of the State to Education in England and America....


ISAAC SHARPLESS. A comparison between the English educational system and the American, with special reference 19 the part taken by the government in regulating the system.

88. Our Failures in Municipal Government 15c. GAMALIEL BRADFORD. A comparison between English and American municipal government.

89. Cost and Expense.......


Contrasts the two terms and the ideas they should convey. A continuation of No. 74.

90. Home Rule for our American Cities 25c. ELLIS P. OBERHOLTZER

An argument against the creation and constant amendment of city charters by State Legislatures. In lieu of this it is proposed to have cities control themselves under a general constitutional clause, permitting them to adopt and amend their own charters by popular election.

91. Relation of Economic Conditions to the Causes of Crime....... 250.

CARROLL D. WRIGHT. A study of the bearing economic conditions have upon crime, followed by suggestions of plans, which if adopted will lessen crime.

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Publications Nos. 80-84 and the report of the Discussion of the Banking Question at the Seventeenth Scientific Session of the Academy have been issued together in a special edition under the above title.

Price, $1.00.

American Academy of Political and Social Science, STATION B, PHILADELPHIA.


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