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ècole libre des sciences politiques in his course on "Systèmes généraux d'impots," and also some of the same material to be found in his article entitled "Impot" in M. Lèon Say's new French "Dictionary of Political Economy." The book is divided into an introduction and three parts, which treat respectively of the history of writings on taxation, definition, and incidence of taxation; Utopian systems, existing systems, and systems capable of application; and the great fiscal divisions of existing systems.

Contemporary socialistic literature has received a contribution in a brochure by Louis Strauss, entitled "L'extension universitaire de Bruxelles-Les doctrines sociales au xixe siècle. Critique du cours de M. van der Velde." (Antwerp: Jos. Themis, 1893). This is a criticism of a University Extension course given by M. van der Velde in which he discussed social doctrines under such headings as "Political Economy," "Christian Socialism,” “Historical School,” “Collectivism," "Anarchism." Mr. Strauss discusses from the liberalist point of view the utterances of Professor van der Velde, which are socialistic in their tendency.

"Essais. et études," par Émile de Laveleye. (Pp. 412. Première Série, 1861-1875. Paris et Gand, 1894). This collection and reprint of essays already published in various reviews and journals will be warmly appreciated by the numerous friends of Professor de Laveleye in all countries. Changed methods in scientific study have almost done away with the brilliant essayist of a half century ago who was able to range over a wide field of subjects, treating each with a measure of completeness and a fineness of finish that varied with the essayist's general mental vigor rather than with his special knowledge. Professor de Laveleye may be considered as a connecting link between the two régimes. He was a trained and able economist, and yet it was in his brilliant contributions to reviews and magazines that he was best known. Although he left many notes that he had been collecting for a number of years previous to his death, with the intention of writing a large work on political economy, his literary executors have decided that these are not in shape worthy of publication, and have undertaken to place in convenient and permanent form some of his essays already published in widely separated journals. The first volume contains essays arranged chronologically and covering the period 1861-1875. A list of their titles will show at once the breadth of subject-matter covered, and the names of the reviews or magazines where they were originally published may enable the reader of this notice to find those that interest him even without access to the volume containing the collection. Some of the essays form important contributions to the subject treated, and all of them are excellent reading. Professor de Laveleye

already made two similar collections during his lifetime. One published in 1863 entitled, "Questions contemporaines" (essays covering period 1856-60), and the second published in 1869 entitled "Études et essais." Had he personally superintended the publication of this volume he would have doubtless made some changes in the text of the articles as originally published, but his editors have wisely decided to reprint without any alterations. They also promise us one or two forthcoming volumes which are to contain his principal essays from 1875 until the present day. The subjects of the essays in the present volume are:

I. "Le dictionnaire rationel de de Potter." (Revue trimestrielle de Bruxelles, October 1861.)

2. "Le mouvement littéraire en France depuis 1830." (Revue trimestrielle de Bruxelles, January, 1862.)

3. "Les Beaux-arts à l'exposition universelle de Paris en 1867." (Rapport du Jury Belge.)

4. "La liberté de l'enseignement supérieur en Belgique." (Revue des Deux Mondes, April 15, 1870.)

5. "De l'avenir de la France."

Revue de Belgique, January 15, 1871.)

(Fortnightly Review, 1870 and

6. "Encore la question flamaude." (Revue de Belgique, March 15, 1871.)

7. "Le régime parlementaire et l'absence des partis en Italie." (Revue des Deux Mondes, May 1, 1871.)

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8. "La nouvelle politique russe.' (Revue des Deux Mondes, November 15, 1871.)

9. "La revanche de la France." (Revue de Belgique, January 15, 1872.)

10. "La crise politique de 1871 en Belgique." (Revue des Deux Mondes, January 15, 1872.)

II. "Le parti clérical en Belgique." (Fortnightly Review, November 1, 1872.)


"La crise de 1873 en France." (L'Indépendance belge, November 3-6, 1873.)

13. "Une leçon de droit public à l'université de Louvain." (Revue de Belgique, January 15, 1874.)

14. "Les progrès de l'instruction en Russie." (Revue des Deux Mondes, April 15, 1874.)

15. "La réorganisation de l'enseignement du dessus en Belgique." (L'Indépendance belge, May 30, 1874.)

16. "Le protestantisme et le catholicisme, dans leur rapports avec la liberté et la prosperité des peuples. Étude d'économie sociale." (Revue de Belgique, January 15, 1875.)

The works on statistics, which have recently been published in French, include the following:

"Annuaire de l'économie politique et de la statistique," par Maurice Block (1894. Paris: Guillaumin. Pp. 1200). This publication celebrates its fiftieth year with this number, and gives in concise form one of the best collections of statistical material published in the French language.

"Statistique des chemins de fer francais:" première partie. "France, intérêt général. Documents au 31 decémbre, 1891.” (1893. Imprimerie nationale.)

"Texte des deliberations de la commission en 1892." Bulletin de l'Institut International de Statitistique, 1893, premier volume; (1893, Rome). This bulletin contains papers by Halley on "Morbidité" and by Scheff on "les charges de la propriété foncière en Autriche." Other important works of a general nature are:

"L'impot des tabacs et les différents systèmes de monopoles. (Imprimerie Chaix.) Contains much information on the tobacco monopolies in various European countries.

“Triantaphyllides: Une banque pour sauver les grecs." (Grande Librarie, Paris, 1893.) This is a pamphlet discussing the financial and economic situation in Greece.

"A propos des tarifs de douane, par le duc de Noailles." (Paris, Dentu Librarie.)

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La France et les États-Unis." A publication of the Comité pour l'abolition du bill MacKinley (Paris), containing two addresses by M. de Montgolfier and M. Léon Chotteau.

"Le régime des boissons," par M. Gabriel Desbats. (Paris: Larose, 1894.) A discussion of actual legislation on liquor traffic from a legal point of view.

"Voyage en Orient de Son Altesse Impériale le Czarewitch," par le prince Onkhmontof, traduit du russe par M. Louis Léger, avec préface de M. Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu (Paris, Delagrave). This French translation of the journal of the Russian Crown Prince on his voyage in the East contains many curious comments on the economic condition of the countries visited, especially India.


ABBREVIATIONS.-In the Index the following abbreviations have been used: pap.,
principal paper by the person named; com., briefer communication by the person
named; b., review of book of which the person named is the author; p. n., personal
note on the person named; r., review by the person named; trans., translation by the
person named.

Abbott, Lyman, 851

Acker, Finley, 851, 855

Acworth, W. M., 191, 192

Adams, 687

Adams, Alva, 973

Adams, C. F., 799, 816-18 b., 851, 998
Adams, C. K., 196, 443

Adams, H., 234, 238, 242

Adams, H. C., 197, 442, 445, 446, 998
Adams, Henry, 328

Adams, Herbert B., 196, 851
Adams, John, 677, 678

Adams, John Quincy, 684-86 r.
Adams, Samuel, 329, 677

Adler, Geo., 657 p. n.

Agassiz, L., 153

Aímoin, 237

Alberic, 989

Alfred, 242

Alison, 495

Allen, 687

[blocks in formation]

Barry, 212

Bassett, J. S., 315, 462 p. n.
Bastable, C. F., 572
Bastiat, 3, 9, 11

Batcane, L., 305

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Bateman, A. E., 443, 444

Bates, Wm. W., 468-70 b., 694, 695
Bauer, Stephen, 810 p. n.
Bax, E. Belfort, 834-35 b.
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Beardsley, C., 491
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Bede, 261

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v. Below, Georg, 332-35 r.
Bemis, Edw. W., 446, 801, 804
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Bernard, R., 855

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Biermer, Magnus, 813 p. n.

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Bliss, E. F., Jr., 855

Block, Maurice, 1-33 pap., 150, 1008 b.

Blondell, 305

Blondell, G., 316 b.

Boas, F., 446

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Carpenter, C. M., 297

Carpenter, Geo. M., 825-26 b.
Carrington, W., 855
Carroll, R. C., 855

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des Cilleuls, A., 305
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447, 847, 848, 969-72 com.

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