Powerful Wisdom for Powerful Writing: Applying Ancient Teachings to Contemporary Writing

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Powerful Wisdom for Powerful Writing will catapult you into the 21st Century with a rock-solid foundation for a good business letter.

My primary purpose for this book is to give you a proven approach for any letter. In addition, you will be given many snares to avoid for getting your desired results. The Bonus Chapters will expand your awareness abouta person's silent message.


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Putting The Power Into Your Writing
Big Words Are An Ego Trip
Antique Words Baffle
Words Words And More Words
More Flaws That Plague Letters
Personality In Business Letters
Getting Your Th Ings Done With Others
Active Listening
Body Language
Winwin Negotiations
Book Closing
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My roots are in Texas. My past wife (married, 12/1964) and I graduated the same night from the University of Texas in 1966. My older sister, Carrie Cline (family name: Toots), reared me from age 10. Toots needed my help in 1998. I returned to Texas and began helping her and her husband, David Cline, for a pay-back time.

My early retirement as a Civil Engineer ended after David and Toots died. I returned to Civil Engineering work with the Texas Highway Department. Working with Texas engineers who did not joke about me talking funny was my pleasure and privilege.

Upon returning to Texas 1998, after 32 years of living in other places, my family told me that I thought funny, but never mentioned how I talked funny. I have been told that I now have a mixed accent, which is Texan spoken with a California flavor.

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