The Postal Record, Volumes 31-32

National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO), 1918
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Página 174 - That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to perform any and all acts and to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary and proper for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this act into full force and effect.
Página 187 - Such charges shall be in writing, and shall be sworn to by the person making them and shall be filed with the Secretary of the Board.
Página 231 - ... right of workers to organize in trade unions and to bargain collectively, through chosen representatives, is recognized and affirmed. This right shall not be denied, abridged, or interfered with by the employers in any manner whatsoever.
Página 28 - Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As, to be hated, needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace.
Página 239 - While we are fighting for freedom, we must see among other things that labor is free, and that means a number of interesting things. It means not only that we must do what we have declared our purpose to do, see that the conditions of labor are not rendered more onerous by the war, but also that we shall see to it that the instrumentalities by which the conditions of labor arc improved are not blocked or checked. That we must do.
Página 113 - Mr. Chairman, I offer an amendment which I send to the Clerk's desk.
Página 107 - The right of persons employed in the civil service of the United States, either individually or collectively, to petition Congress, or any Member thereof, or to furnish information to either House of Congress, or to any committee or member thereof, shall not be denied or interfered with.
Página 65 - An Act making appropriations for the service of the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1918, and for other purposes...
Página 108 - Unless Congress have and use every means of acquainting itself with the acts and the disposition of the administrative agents of the government, the country must be helpless to learn how it is being served...
Página 46 - Employees shall not borrow money or contract debts which they have no reasonable prospect of being able to pay. They are expected to conduct themselves honorably, deal honestly with others, and meet their obligations promptly so that there will be no cause for embarrassment or criticism. The fact that the wages or salary of Government employees cannot be trusteed or garnisheed...

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