Simple Tales, Volume 3

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806
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Página 103 - It were all one, That I should love a bright particular star, And think to wed it, he is so above me: In his bright radiance and collateral light Must I be comforted, not in his sphere.
Página 15 - I remember it as if it was only yesterday," continued Mary, shuddering and deeply affected ; and her volatile companion was awed into silence. At length they arrived on the review ground ; and Lewellyn, afraid lest the horse should be frightened at the firing, made them leave the cart, and then leaning on his arm they proceeded to the front of the ranks. But the crowd was soon so great that Fanny began to find she was not likely either to see or be seen, and was almost tempted to join Mary in regrets...
Página 300 - tis Kindness that warms. As on Suns in the Winter with Pleasure we gaze, But feel not their force, though their Splendour we praise ; So Beauty our just Admiration may claim, But Love, and Love only, our Hearts can inflame.
Página 27 - Now, and ever, I shall reject your proposal," he replied. " My child !" said his father, grasping his hand, and bursting into tears, " do you think I have lived long enough ? — Do you wish to kill me ?" Lewellyn could not answer; but he threw himself on his neck, and sobbed aloud. " Have we found our child again ?
Página 74 - At first it showed itself in vehement exclamations and declarations — that she should not die — that she should still be his wife ; but at length he sunk into a state of hopeless despondency, and, throwing himself across his bed, for two days all the efforts of Mary were vain to rouse him from his mournful stupor. On the third day he became composed ; and taking Mary's hand, he said ; " My dear, good cousin, lead me, pray lead me to her grave." This request was what Mary had dreaded. " I —...
Página 300 - Can she ; ought she to do it ? — most certainly," replied Stainforth, " if the object be a deserving one. I too will quote an English poet, who says, " The chastest maid may own a well-placed flame, Not loving first, but loving wrong, is shame." And if a man have talents, temper, and virtues, I should honour the woman who placed her affections on him, even though not sure of being loved by him in return.
Página 73 - Not— not far from it," said Mary, resolved now to tell him the whole truth. " Let me see her — I will see her," he exclaimed, staggering towards the door. " It is too late !" cried Mary, forcing him into a chair : " but remember, dearest Lewellyn, that before she died you had kindly forgiven all her offences towards you." " She had none to forgive," fiercely replied Lewellyn, remembering at that moment nothing but her merits : and he insisted on seeing her corpse, if she was really dead.
Página 62 - I have seen him," replied Fanny in a hoarse voice. — " I know he is here — and, for the love of God !" said she, falling on her knees, " let me ask his pardon." " Impossible !" replied Mary, gently unlocking the door, and closing it after her as she stood at the door. — " He is ill, perhaps dying — the sight of you — "
Página 3 - His father was a carpenter, his' mother took in plain-work, and he himself was undecided whether to follow his father's business or seek a different employment, — when he fell in love with our handsome sempstress. Fanny, whether from coquetry or convenience, always sat by the window at work: it was therefore impossible for her not to observe...
Página 27 - ... chide poor Mary, when his son, summoning up all his resolution, faltered out — "Mary is right! I have enlisted !" The wretched father tottered into a chair; and, clasping his hands, moved backwards and forwards as he sat, in...

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