Observations on an Autograph of Shakspere, and the Orthography of His Name

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Página 8 - It is a nation, would I answer Plato, that hath no kinde of traffike, no knowledge of Letters, no intelligence of numbers, no name of magistrate...
Página 7 - I' the commonwealth I would by contraries Execute all things; for no kind of traffic Would I admit; no name of magistrate; Letters should not be known; riches, poverty, And use of service, none; contract, succession, Bourn, bound of land, tilth, vineyard, none; No use of metal, corn, or wine, or oil; No occupation; all men idle, all; And women too, but innocent and pure; No sovereignty; — Seb.
Página 7 - Scape being drunk, for want of wine. Gomalo. — I' the commonwealth, I would by contraries Execute all things : for no kind of traffic Would I admit ; no name of magistrate ; Letters should not be known...
Página 8 - ... no use of service, of riches, or of poverty ; no contracts, no successions, no dividences ; no occupation, but idle ; no respect of kindred, but common ; no...
Página 4 - First written by him in French. And now done into English By him that hath inviolably vowed his labors to the Aeternitie of their Honors, whose names he hath severally inscribed on these his consecrated Altares.
Página 10 - SHAKSPERE, and, consequently, that those who have inserted an e after the *, or an a in the second syllable, do not write the same (as far as we are able to judge) in the same manner as the poet himself uniformly would authorize us to do.
Página 10 - There are five acknowledged genuine signatures of Shakspere in existence, exclusive of the one which forms the subject of this communication. Of these, three are attached to his will in the Prerogative Court, executed...
Página 5 - first became possessed of it, is not known : but it is very certain that previous to the year 1780, Mr. Patteson used to exhibit the volume to his friends as a curiosity, on account of the autograph...
Página 15 - Shakspeare his booke;" and it will be evident to any one who takes the trouble of comparing it with the...

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