The Northampton County Reporter, Volume 17

Daily Express, 1921
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Página 369 - If the President shall so require any money or other property • • » choses In action, and rights and claims of every character and description owing or belonging to or held for, by, on account of, or on behalf of, or for the benefit of, an enemy or ally of enemy...
Página 83 - ... if the hazard be increased by any means within the control or knowledge of the insured...
Página 215 - The test," says Judge Duncan in Swan v. Scott, 11 Serg. & R. 164, "whether a demand connected with an illegal transaction is capable of being enforced at law, is whether the plaintiff requires the aid of the illegal transaction to establish his case.
Página 221 - It is a well known maxim that an heir at law can only be disinherited by express devise or necessary implication, and that implication has been defined to be such a strong probability that an intention to the contrary cannot be supposed.
Página 12 - In writing, and is certain, fair in all its parts, for an adequate consideration, and capable of being performed, it is as much a matter of course for a court of equity to decree specific performance of it as it is for a court of law to give damages for a breach of it.
Página 222 - Conjecture is not permitted to supply what the testator has failed to indicate, for as the law has provided a definite successor, in the absence of disposition, it would be unjust to allow the right of this ascertained object to be suspended by the claim of any one not pointed out by the testator with equal distinctness.
Página 217 - In the name of God, Amen : I, Sarah M. Cottrell, of the Town of Scott in the County of Cortland and State of New York, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this my last Will and Testament...
Página 203 - Co. is a favorite of the law, and that a claim against him is strictissimi juris does not apply where the bond or undertaking is executed upon a consideration by a corporation organized to make such bonds or undertakings for profit. While such corporations may call themselves 'surety companies' their business is in all essential particulars that of insurance.
Página 68 - every pleading shall contain, and contain only, a statement in a summary form of the material facts on which the party pleading relies for his claim or defence, as the case may be, but not the evidence by which they are to be proved, and shall, when necessary, be divided into paragraphs, numbered consecutively.
Página 166 - Constitution, which provides that the General Assembly shall not pass any local or special law regulating the affairs of counties, cities, townships, wards, boroughs, or school districts.

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