Knowledge and the Search for Understanding Among Nations

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 - 216 páginas
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The end of World War II resulted in the realization that any war leaves devastating effects in its wake, which may take years to resolve. Mungazi argues that the key to avoiding armed conflict is education on a global scale. Only an increasing awareness of cultural diversity can improve relationships between nations. Beginning with Woodrow Wilson's famous Fourteen Points, Mungazi traces efforts to improve international relations through global forums, as well as the obstacles to such vehicles for intercultural cooperation. Modern issues such as population explosion, declining resources, international terrorism, and disease have become so serious that no nation can afford to act alone.

To ensure the security of their populations, national leaders must, according to Mungazi, avoid conflict with other nations. A respect for democracy and support for open and public international agreements are key factors in peaceful dispute resolution. Mungazi details how nations can best cooperate to build their societies for the benefit of all. He discusses how individuals can shape the future of the world community by their constructive belief systems, promotion of effective leadership, and participation in defining future goals.


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The Legacy of Woodrow Wilson
Consequences of US Senate Rejection of the League of Nations
Conditions of Education After World War II
Fundamentals of Education to Ensure Understanding Among Nations
Education for Understanding Among Nations Focus Problems and Solutions
Unesco Education and Understanding Among Nations
National Leadership and Understanding Causes of Conflict Among Nations
Education and Understanding Among Nations Summary Conclusion and Implications
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DICKSON A. MUNGAZI is Regent's Professor of Education and History at Northern Arizona University. He is the author of numerous books, including In the Footsteps of the Masters and The Journey to the Promised Land.

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