Present Situation in Vietnam: Hearing, Ninetieth Congress, Second Session, with General David M. Shoup, Former Commandant, United States Marine Corps. March 20, 1968, Volumes 67-968

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1968 - 51 páginas
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Página 49 - Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded; but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the anti-war audiences will thin out and lose popularity. Before long you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men who in their secret hearts are still at one with those...
Página 35 - In the final analysis, it is their war. They are the ones who have to win it or lose it. We can help them, we can give them equipment, we can send our men out there as advisers, but they have to win it, the people of Vietnam, against the Communists.
Página 49 - There has never been a just one, never an honorable one — on the part of the instigator of the war. I can see a million years ahead, and this rule will never change in so many as half a dozen instances. The loud little handful — as usual — will shout for the war. The pulpit will — warily and cautiously — object — at first. The great...
Página 1 - For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own life above and beyond the call of duty...
Página 50 - Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.
Página 31 - What throws you in combat is rarely the fact that your tactical scheme was wrong. . .but that you failed to think through the hard cold facts of logistics.
Página 30 - An insistence on going all-out to win a war may have a fine masculine ring, and a call to "defend freedom" may have a messianic sound that stirs our blood. But the ending of an all-out war in these times is beyond imagining. It may mean the turning back of civilization by several thousand years, with no one left capable of signaling the victory. In setting our military goals we need first of all to recognize that most of the world's most basic woes do not lend themselves to purely military solutions.
Página 31 - We could have fought in Indochina. We could have won, if we had been willing to pay the tremendous cost in men and money that such intervention would have required — a cost that in my opinion would have eventually been as great as, or greater than, that we paid in Korea.
Página 29 - open-ended" — that has no clearly delineated geographical, political, and military goals beyond "victory" — is a war that may escalate itself indefinitely, as wars will, with one success requiring still another to insure the first one. An insistence on going all-out to win a war may have a fine masculine ring, and a call to "defend freedom" may have a messianic sound that stirs our blood.
Página 1 - ... life above and beyond the call of duty as commanding officer of all Marine Corps troops in action against enemy Japanese forces on Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, from November 20 to 22, 1943. "Although severely shocked by an exploding shell soon after landing at the pier...

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