Renegotiation of Contracts: Hearings ... on H.R. 9246

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Página 70 - Reasonableness of costs and profits, with particular regard to volume of production, normal earnings, and comparison of war and peace-time products; 2.
Página 83 - Board is authorized, subject to the civil-service laws and the Classification Act of 1923, as amended...
Página 77 - ... (1) the case shall not be reopened as to the matters agreed upon or the agreement modified, by any officer, employee, or agent of the United States...
Página 5 - No person shall be held liable for damages or penalties for any act or failure to act resulting directly or indirectly from compliance with a rule, regulation, or order issued pursuant to this Act...
Página 84 - ... the contractor or subcontractor, may, within ninety days (not counting Sunday or a legal holiday in the District of Columbia as the last day) after the date of such determination, file a petition with The Tax Court of the United States for a redetermination thereof.
Página 75 - States to recover from the contractor any amount of such excessive profits actually paid to him and not withheld or eliminated by some other method under this subsection. The surety under a contract or subcontract shall not be liable for the repayment of any excessive profits thereon. Each contractor and subcontractor is hereby indemnified by the United States against all claims by any subcontractor on account of amounts withheld from such subcontractor pursuant to this paragraph.
Página 75 - ... it shall, at the request of the contractor or subcontractor, as the case may be, prepare and furnish such contractor or subcontractor with a statement of such determination, of the facts used as a basis therefor, and of its reasons for such determination.
Página 14 - Such other factors the consideration of which the public interest and fair and equitable dealing may require, which factors shall be published in the regulations of the Board from time to time as adopted. (f) PROFITS DERIVED FROM CONTRACTS WITH THE DEPARTMENTS AND SUBCONTRACTS.
Página 84 - Any contractor or subcontractor aggrieved by an order of the Board determining the amount of excessive profits received or accrued by...

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