God Is Bigger Than Your FBI

Lulu.com, 14/01/2008 - 220 páginas
As a former female FBI Special Agent (SA), Tracy worked and lived on the "inside" of the Bureau for nine years - finding that the FBI is a master at public propaganda. Things are not what they seem. Charged to defend against those intending harm - she found much of the harm within the FBI walls. When she brought truth to light, the FBI used antics and deceptions to derail a successful career. God Is Bigger Than Your FBI gives a detailed account of the difficult SA selection, training, job requirements and what happened to a wide-eyed, patriotic, intelligent young woman full of hope and the desire to make a difference. Though we often question difficulties in life, God is in control and He has a plan. He is bigger than any challenge or hardship we will ever know and He will be there in your FBI - Faith Building Incident.

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